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My Meta Farm: A web3 metaverse for "creators"

By rexngum | Crypto & Greed | 2 Feb 2023

The metaverse is gaining advancements since its inception into the mainstream media from the imperial big tech to the tussling web3. Get an introduction to the revolutionary web3 metaverse (infinite world for creators) of My Meta Farm and find out why you have been missing out on web3. You will be able to distance yourself from wild wed3 blockchain games, because, my meta farm collectively embodied real life into virtual reality.

And MyMetaFarm is a multichain planetary blockchain game with stunning 3D characters. And the 3-year dedication of the game-making team at creating an open world with an interesting storyline that can appeal to both casual players and blockchain enthusiasts is highly needed for the blockchain gaming industry. A lightweight and intuitive interface with many features to explore sets MyMetaFarm different from dubious blockchain-based games. Because only you decide how much you want to participate in the decentralized features of the game. The game is designed to be fun and “live forever” with a storyline that never gets boring”. 

The game mode includes PvP and PvE where each player will buy a small piece of land, then they can have full ownership of this land. After that, players can cultivate, exploit and create their own farms. These activities may be Raising, Harvesting, Fishing, or Crafting,... which is like bringing their real life into the game! Real virtual reality has been 

The team at My Meta Farm identified the blockchain gaming problems and sakes to become the main solution for the industry. Most blockchain games focus on "Earn" rather than on "Play". This has been the case with Axie Infinity, where gamers jumped on the bandwagon to reck in on profits. And Axie Infinity gained market share in the Philippines as it provided more income than some local jobs. Most of the games are not devised with sketchy NFTs with wild 2D characters and with some games charge high for in-game items like NFTs. Hence, My Meta Farm aims to revolutionalized with top-notch 3D graphics, devised characters, and free-to-play and creative experience.

Whereas players can also take care of their farms and pets, adventure into new lands, hunt for precious treasures, rent or purchase items and earn money by completing different tasks in the game. Players also can use the tools to freely design their own houses, land and costumes.  


My Meta Farm is an ecosystem developed for user-generated content. Players can buy items from the marketplace to build customisable characters. The ecosystem functions on a multichain, (BNB chain, Polygon, Avalanche) with token standards of ERC-20 and BEP-20. MMF is powering the My Meta Farm ecosystem 


Partnerships are the most important marketing techniques and My Meta Farm has cooperated with partners like StoneAge, QuesFi and Kocoin bringing interesting activities to the communities and the number of participants


My Meta Farm is not a hyped project, because the evolution of the project is promising with a disclosed and known team making it a trustworthy game to explore. 

You can checkout MyMetaFarm


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Content credit: MyMetaFarm

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