Going Full Crypto

Going Full Crypto is Still Very Much a Pipe Dream for Me (A Mini-Rant & RFC)

Crypto Pipe Dreams Crypto Pipe Dreams

Once again, I am really struggling to bring in crypto for the content I post. I don't know if it's because I don't have a good idea of what my audience likes, fickle/minimal attention spans, a lack of consistency on my part, insufficient self-promotion, low payouts, my socio-political stance(s), or a combination of all of those. At any rate, going full crypto off the back of such income that I do get just isn't happening.

I used to make ~1 XNO a month from selling photos of pooches on Vixxi. Now, I bring in at least ten times as more in a day of lurking on CVn than I do in a month on Vixxi. I haven't received a tip on Noise for about a month, possibly longer (unless my BCH wallet is lying to me). Faucets aren't worth the effort unless you're consistently in the top one hundred earners. Play-to-earn is a con and I've made absolutely nothing off NFTs.

I'm wondering if a crypto-paying equivalent of BMC, OF or Patreon (preferably once that doesn't require KYC, if such a thing even exists) is worth investigating and/or pursuing. Somehow, I don't think that the multitude of platforms on which I already have accounts are the problem(s). Other people are doing well off them, so why am I not? I wish I knew. It's difficult to change my strategy if I don't know its weak points. (Of the fifteen or so pages showing all my posts here since I started, my best earning posts have garnered little over a dollar each, while the worst ones are at about two cents each. I need to bring in about $1.25 a day just to buy enough food to get through the day, never mind pay bills and other expenses. Clearly, there's a big problem somewhere and I'm none the wiser.)

The feedback I get is minimal to non-existent at best. If you like what I post (or even if you don't), I want to know why, so that I can decide if I want to tailor my content and potentially increase/improve my income (or if I should stop posting altogether and focus my limited time and effort elsewhere). If you see I've left commenting open on a post, please make use of them constructively (and not just once in a blue moon, either). Thank you in advance.

Clearly, I'm doing something right, because my list of followers isn't small (~280 on Pub0x alone and ~120 on Noise), but pales into insignificance compared to the big players on both (such as PVM and Zero Requiem, for example). I don't doubt that a lot of Zero's followers (myself included) hope to win some crypto in the monthly giveaway , but I'm doing well if I even bring in 5 USD worth of crypto a month across all my activity combined, let alone in any one of the tipping currencies here. Sure, I would likely do better on Pub0x if I wrote more about blockchain and crypto, but I don't always feel like it; I've got other interests and more going on in my life (like still not managing to find permanent employment farming fiat) than chasing after ever-elusive sats. The fact that there aren't very many places where I can use, in my everyday life, the crypto I do earn is pretty much a moot point at this stage (even with a couple of hundred dollars worth stashed away for HODLing over the next five or so years).

I'm wondering if it would be worth my while to exchange some of my ERC20s for ETH and then for HIVE and use that to publish my more popular posts (despite my objections/reluctance). That was originally going to be my plan, but life got in the way and other things happened.

"Never do business with a religious SoB. His word ain't worth a shit, not when he's got the good lord telling him how to fuck you on the deal."
 — William S. Burroughs

Most of all, what I would really like is for potential employers to stop wasting my time, jerking me around and bullshitting me, so that I wouldn't be forced to look at alternate income streams to begin with.

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Great White Snark
Great White Snark

I'm currently seeking fixed employment as a S/W & Web developer (C# & ASP .NET MVC, PHP 8+, Python 3), hoping to stash the farmed fiat and go full Crypto, quit the 07:30-18:00 grind. Unsigned music producer; snarky; white; balding; smashes Patriarchy.

Cryptographic Anarchy: (Mis)Adventures in Crypto
Cryptographic Anarchy: (Mis)Adventures in Crypto

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