The mark of the Dragon

The mark of the Dragon

Undoubtedly we are witnessing the beginning of a stage marked with the seal of the dragon; The announcement of a digital yuan really turns many of the world upside down. The Asian giant does not spare expense to announce that he is going for everything in order to obtain the much desired trophy, to place his country as the first world power.

And it is clear that one of its main objectives is to have a strong competitor that faces the dollar, considering it as a strong global value reserve unit; The funny thing is that a 2.0 level was used.

China has managed to move its pieces well, having a great influence in Africa, a continent where digitization is advancing thanks to the lack of solid financial structures, and in Latin America, where the great variety of precious metals such as gold, make it consider a business partner to have close. Europe does not escape this influence, the old continent knows that in a few years, it will be defining China as the first commercial partner, playing in the 2.0 field, specifically the cryptographic.

And what does the world do ???

There are timid responses; This digital movement has its efforts concentrated in countries such as Switzerland, France, England, India and the United States. But all to the expectation of the development of the launch of the digital yuam, which has, as the first scene, the Beijing games of 2022. I think there has been enough time to think about which side to place.

And what would be the position of bitcoin ????

The truth is that this Asian digital currency is not painted as a decentralized currency, but rather coined the term "controlled anonymity", in fact there is also no certainty that it is built under blockchain technology. This CBDC has several clear objectives, and one of them is to curb public demand for private cryptocurrencies.

For many, cryptos are having their moment of popularity, I personally believe that they will be known to the detriment of the economic situation. These CBDCs will only further promote the use of currencies like bitcoin or etherium, not many like the idea of a central bank controlling personal finances.

What is certain, we are already in the race towards monetary digitization within the cryptographic spiral; This is a fact and marks the beginning of a revolution that has been announced for more than 10 years.

The Asian giant, takes the lead, beyond what can be thought of this e-Yuam, it is a unique and original movement that marks a territory controlled by nobody.





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