The Great Reset and its "solutions"

The Great Reset and its "solutions"

We now live in a different world, we leave behind many things, among them a lifestyle that practically had an expiration date and with it everything we knew as normality. We are definitely seeing how the veil that covered our eyes has fallen and prevented us from seeing the true reality, one of which has always been but was waiting for the right moment to appear under a good pretext without raising suspicion of its existence.

The pandemic and climate change are two weighty factors to be able to speak openly about issues that, in other times would sound controversial but now with the new premises that humanity has, these headings simply become part of that new scheme that we will live until it is possible to overcome and form that new reality. Part of the "solution" has already been proposed in free 2021, and the development of its premises goes beyond what is formulated as a unit, they will take the necessary actions to achieve these objectives, they will basically justify everything in order to achieve these agreements.

But everything has a beginning and an end, and this is called the "great restart", created in light of the Davos 2021 World Economic Forum, this work agenda advances the 2030 development plans to begin the structural changes that serve a whole system that has been operating and that basically for a long time stopped representing that synergy that maintains us as a society and is now in a state of metastasis. The economic imbalances are simply a sample of an announced chronicle.

The main points are directed directly to the attention of three points, as indicated in the work diary and whose extracts are taken from the article published by the Santander Group website.

  • "Directing the market towards fairer results, taking into account environmental and social risks and opportunities and not only financial benefits in the short term." A stark reminder that many of today's business systems will be counted down to death.
  • "Ensure that investments pursue shared objectives, such as equality and sustainability. In this regard, an initial recovery fund of 750,000 million euros announced by the European Union represents a great opportunity for progress." At this point the concept of inclusive capitalism enters, basically an experiment that aims to build income equity sustained by a renewed system.
  • "Take advantage of the innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to support public services, especially addressing the social and health challenges that have arisen." A complete opening towards automation and technological radicalization.

Certainly it is necessary to be more attentive to the inequality that we currently live, especially in the continents where the levels of poverty represent alarming numbers, but a system such as the one that they propose basically summarized in these three pillars represents a very high cost for individual freedoms. This forum handles a scenario of "happiness of having nothing", where authority is centralized and everything is measured and controlled by a single entity, something like this we already have in countries that are currently on the table of criticism and that are managed under these types of governments.

The three points are quite simple but with a very peculiar background that attracts a lot of attention. A single business system, a completely regulatory entity where an equitable distribution and automation of everything is handled, can only be considered in a system that openly supports socialist principles, a failed system that brings more misery and poverty and where a scenario is hidden to keep a new class in power or simply perpetuate it until it is transformed into a monarchy.


And if this were not much, the development of a unique system and exchange makes sense when you see the exposure of many institutions that seek to expand their influence through digital units of account that do not represent cash, they are now the source of emission , which is totally different and with great power.

This issue is a reflection of what Bitcoin will have to face, it is not surprising that it is persecuted and vilified, it is also no coincidence that now it seeks to be that shield against what is proposed as a global solution, the gallantry of this cryptocurrency It is simply unique and its reason, beyond being a store of value, is to be that instrument that helps to keep us active and aware away from a socio-economic matrix that will be implanted under the pretext that crises allow overflowing actions.

This is an issue that must be addressed and with much study, as it is closely linked to the existence of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. They are the answer to what is coming, in fact part of their agenda works on a cheap and centralized copy of the monetary digitization.

The "great reset" is not a game, and it is not a topic that is being touched by the crypto community. We must begin to discuss among ourselves to get to know the future obstacles that we will have to face, not in 2030, but just around the corner.

For this writing, the information contained in the articles that are attached at the end of this paragraph were taken as a basis. They express more in-depth ideas on this topic that I invite you to study and involve in the cryptographic world.








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