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Revaluation of the Forgotten and Mysterious

We come from an interesting week, with large numbers and quite curious in relation to the bearers of said records. We have seen KOOS registered at + 1740%, BLIAQ + 1233%, DOGE + 513%, GME + 405%, AMC + 280%, EXPR + 234%, NVAX + 74%, VIX + 51% and many more to tell. . Now, in this situation the names and numbers may vary, but something is certain, the return of the forgotten is a reality and the market is proof of it.


Now that the fuse is lit through a small group of investors who dared to engage in front of all those large hedge funds, what will follow ?????, what will be the next move ????. Of all, the most referential, GME, which has exploited all this forgotten new wave of appreciation continues to test and test all Wall Street with its challenging pumping, and I see that it will continue until we know the next move.

It is imperative to say that the crypto world is also being tested, a classic example we see with the DOGE coin, a historical comeback for something that began as a mysterious meme, now part of this entourage is made up of XRP, a true resurrected that has begun to make comebacks above 31% with everything and the problems you currently have. Now, we see that there is strength in the union, we observe how a group of small and medium-range investors places large pillars on alert for possible changes that may occur in the revaluation of short shares that are prepared to be dismembered.

But, this analysis shows several facets, it is now clear that manipulation has its act on a forgotten side, now wanting to be silenced and in search of retribution for entering a game that was more fun than only one, the super-rich. It is also clear that all these forgotten ones show that the "vulnerability" that the system has is nothing more than that space that was always present for all those investors who are also looking for a bit where they can participate, but I see that the concept of manipulation for the super rich it is simply an unfair treatment and a balance disruptor perfectly constructed only to generate profits for a select group.

I think the world needs this example to observe that cetralization will limit many things, now it is demonstrated, before our eyes, of the power that all these corporations have, all their ramifications, all their strategies and soldiers, for example look at RobinHood or Google , as the denial of profit is cut more than evident that could be leveraging small investors, practically blocked simply because the profits are not shared with anyone.

Let's fix our attention on the events that will arise after this action, I have no doubt that now we will begin to see many forgotten reborn. Just as a fun fact, Wallstreetbets users are buying GME billboards in various cities, New York, San Diego, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Orlando, Dallas, Austin, Oklahoma City and Colorado Springs. The originality is that essence that paves the way and brings out exceptional fruits that many do not expect.

I leave at the end of this article some reference links that helped me in the construction of this information and opinion on an outstanding fact in the stock market. Then I leave the links for more information.



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I am a Venezuelan, worker, father of a family who fell in love with this crypto world; I love reading news related to the crypto space, from the technological performance to the shape and concept of each currency in this world.

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