Playing to Win....the Final Step?

It is not a recurring theme that I usually approach, but the dynamics and the attraction that I feel for the world of online gaming makes me explore more this new modality that joins the blockcahin. I have already written some articles on this subject, but I wanted to go deeper into this business model which is the result of a continuous evolution and its future will be the future of a great surprise in the implementation of new economic models.

Play to earn is not a new topic, but it is the result of the combination of the technological world and the new frontiers of the digital challenge in innovative dynamics of the fourth dimension. Here we start from the free to play, a condition that was gradually growing but that entangled a whole underlying economy. The designs of these digital paradises work under a financial development where users pay for their participation and this simply translates into a bottomless barrel, a capital gain of more than 2,000 million dollars.

Capitalizing on this market represents a unique business model that can be enhanced with the particularity that only blockchain can offer. Games such as Axie Infinity, Sorare, Sandbox, or even the long-awaited Mist, present gameplay schemes mapped to the parameters and requirements of the blockchain. For starters, players own the characters in the game, there is no better concept of non fungible tokens (NFT) than the participation of characters, props and tokens to develop growth within this ecosystem. An economy that responds to the exchange of all these for values, a conceptualization of active and passive income that we see exploding in these times.

Play to earn is a business model that proclaims the use of unique and particular securities. A form of decentralized finance can be studied and understood in these modalities, now exposed in the gaming world. The video game ecosystem may continue to grow, in its different ramifications, but the foundations of this new model are beginning to expand with great force.

A clear concept of play-to-earn is based on "Developing a video game costs money and these games are created by companies. However, the benefit of the play-to-win business model is that a player always creates some value that can be sold. Even when a player needs to pay to start playing, these purchased items can always be sold again."

Currently there are several models, the most representative in my opinion are currently Axie Infinity, Megacryptopolis, Aliens World and Sandbox are the starting points that will completely change the mass of participation we have in the game world. The power references for the emergence of new systems that go hand in hand with DeFi's and other themes that feed decentralization, will be the frame of reference in this crypto world.

Evidently I don't rule out an explosion of games to come, for a short example we have Mist, a game that will run on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and whose play-to-earn potential is generating huge expectations. This is just the beginning and we will see well crafted games that will drive a sustainable economy suitable to drive all kinds of DeFi's scences. If not, look at the example of the Philippines.


As always I leave the link to the articles that inspired me to write about this topic. In them you will find more in-depth information on this particular topic. The games to win are a fact, and we already have references, the exposure of these will be monumental and will mark a before and after in the world of games.


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