How to take Bitcoin memes to the moon ??????

I refer to the title mentioned by the president of the Nakamoto Institute, Michael Goldstein, who with his comments began to draw a very fine line that separates the so-called maximalists from the rest of those who defend and are also committed to a developing ecosystem with altcoins .

Comments that until today are used to disqualify those who only have a different way of achieving cryptography through other agents were debated and exposed. Goldstein indicated that "discuss, that is to say debate, with other bitcoin maximalists. It is people who ... or may be pre-coiners. People who are interested in really learning with you, how to get to that truth with you. Anyone in the external group, such as shitcoiners, nocoiners, journalists ... Especially journalists, will only receive trolling. "

The truth is that at this point, after waiting for so long, at least since 2017, we see an authentic and possibly bullish movement, after a third halving and a period, even in consolidation, we are located in a not enviable position of 11,000 $, it is time to shorten certain distances between communities. Although we all know that most of the projects have been raised and benefited by bitcoin, but this cannot be the basis for discrediting initiatives that cultivate and nurture this digital ecosystem.

It is perfectly known that Bitcoin is at an unreachable point and to say that any altcoin can replace it would be a fallacy; But it is no less true to say that there is no other category that can be developed in order to multiply the large number of benefits expected from the digital world and that in one way or another will be the substitute for competencies carried out by corrupt entities of a system soon to be replaced.

Altcoins are exploiting fields that will help us to have a more dynamic, personal and in a way, evolved system from an already contaminated system that only surfaced the problems with the emergence of the pandemic.

I do not think that memes help at this time, there are many enemies that are in common as a community that bets all on a digital era, which is coming, but that it would be wonderful to face everyone on the same team and leave that dark and meaningless concept of raising maximalism to the moon.


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