Games, Categories, Protocols and Surprises

Games, Categories, Protocols and Surprises

An impressive result is what we observe when we search for the best games within the blockchain by number of users. Undoubtedly it is surprising, not so much the games as some are interesting and represent a good business opportunity, but the active protocols that dominate this card are intriguing and show that the competition in this branch will be tough, but it is worth it due to the great potential what this represents.

Who does not like to work on something they enjoy, especially if that something is a way to constant entertainment. The area of games in the crypto world will give many surprises and will sow new ways to maintain a new reality that is effective and profitable, in a certain way, a new avenue of adjacent income that will allow the development of a large community that will strengthen cryptmographic alternatives , headed by non-fungible tokens (NFT).


These surprises begin initially when we see that the first ten places of the evaluation range for blockchain games are dominated by protocols such as EOS, WAX, Hive or Thunder Core. In a strange position number eleven we observe a record of ETH, represented by the entertaining and growing game of Axie Infinity.

Another element that amazes in this billboard, and not so much because of the dominance in this token / gaming relationship, but because of the growing record associated with this list, is in each of the user volumes, which represents some extremely interesting numbers. Games are fueling sustained growth, even many had not anticipated this dynamic expansion. Some must be adapting to these changes and should not lower their guard, because the issue of participation will not seem to diminish.

Smart contracts, content appreciators, and collectibles are environments where your tokens will begin to have a unique form of appreciation and their values will become attractive enough to maintain a returnable ecosystem. The platforms that support these games have a level of complete decentralization, and with this virtual market other processes work to suppress costly interventions in terms of security.

Some of these games are in beta phase, but their exit to a real market through virtual windows will form a definite new wave that will emancipate many to develop these new sources of work. Likewise, some NFT tokens are not even listed, but the interest in this new pool of alternatives will carry out an accelerated trust migration.

The results for the games category were taken from the Dappradar site. This site also has other tables that will help to better understand the positioning in various categories. The link is left for your investigation.


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