Digital Rice, Tokenized Consciousness

Digital Rice, Tokenized Consciousness

I have commented on it many times and will continue to do so, the nature of the DeFi's marks its survival and supremacy based on its originality and change that it can give to the traditional system, adapting new forms of exchange and producing avant-garde in what is done in this field and that always deserves an almost perpetual monitoring when evaluating the behavior of cryptocurrencies and their role in the digital economy.

We certainly see that there are many initiatives that deserve to be addressed and discussed to open space for development and the concept of understanding and entrepreneurship. And it is precisely what we can see with the Rice Inventory Currency (RIC), a stable currency based on a tangible, edible asset, and of great importance for much of Asia.

In the process of expanding knowledge, it is these sources that inspire us to achieve that variety that we only find in the world of cryponents, and one of those origins provides this very interesting information that allocates part of the concept of adaptation in a single file. It is attractive to read this information, taken from the News.Bitcoin article, under the heading of "Rice-based Stablecoin Launches in Indonesia".

The basic thing, even though this information can be found in the link of the article, of its characteristics, TRC-20, financed through the Rice Economy Token (RET) governance token, holders who make the decisions about the financing structure of this new facet of tokenization. But beyond knowing the fundamental aspects, it is necessary to really know what this new step towards tokenization can mean, a suggestive fact that it allows greater access to this item to the population.

Although, the tokenization of a physical asset is a feasible scenario in many cases, the incursion of access to this item means the recovery of the balance in purchasing power, by modeling a supply chain that is efficient in exchange of a good, and may the offer be accepted by many consumers. One kilo of rice equivalent to one RIC, a measure that could be multiplied as growth and digital adaptation become widespread, a tokenized consciousness.

Today is rice, tomorrow it will be other derivatives, supported by other tokens, financed under the same or different governance, in a blockchain environment such as Tron, more dynamic, without a doubt it is an excellent opportunity to study and see the reliability in this variety of DeFi's.

Again, it is time to investigate and study the increase in usability with this type of exchange, a scheme already seen conceptually, but in practice it leads to many results. Tokenized rice is an attractive and very avant-garde, courageous and sophisticated idea, it will surely be criticized by maximalists without mercy, but it is really these bases that will make Bitcoin (BTC) a key element in a new integrated ecosystem of digital currencies. The physical backup counts and the alternatives are working on that.

Next, I leave the link on which I base myself in this article and frankly it deserves to follow up, we are talking about a key area and if this prospers, imagine the combination that it will have with DeFi's initiatives, those created and the new ones, unique potential and without precedents.



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