Cryptos and Games, a Unique Relationship

The latest Litecoin alliance has put me to investigate a little the synergy that the union between crytos and video games is having. Although what I am commenting on is nothing new, the association of Litecoin with Atari may confirm the advancement of this fundamental pillar in the development and massification of the cryptographic world.

This union is interesting, it has always been, the use of the blockchain in this type of environment can not only reach more new generation target's, but it would achieve an increase in the use of exchange environments, depending on the structure of the video game, benefits from the increased usability, knowledge and profitability that is used to drive any exchange activity or initiative that generates the use of this native token.

And beyond generating an ecosystem, are these striking correlations for the investment of companies that would benefit from distribution technology with the incorporation of giants of interactive digital entertainment, examples such as Mythereum, typical of the etherium platform, or Neon District, classic RPG mode game, including 0xUniverse, another mode under the etherium platform or the popular one, for some of course, Cryptokitties, also under ERC-20 interaction. EOS also has interesting prospects already online like EOS Knights. Obviously I am not an expert in this matter, but I do see how this market will explode commercially, more and with much more dynamics than just a directional interaction.


The interesting thing about this association with Atari is the union and the use that it can give to its new VCS console, it is the new hybrid of PC / console, which "will allow users not only to play hundreds of video games ..., but also it will allow users to create and load their own games and applications for others to enjoy ”, definition of the article cryptocurrency2020.

This is the ideal field for the development of new Dapp's, a field that grows day by day and is projected as a replacement and start for the launch of a network of blockchain games, since many more high-profile launches will come.

I leave the link with the two articles that served as the basis, and I think it is a very interesting topic and that in this community, not only from Publish0x, but from this crypto world will be an explosion of everything.

1 - Can Litecoin benefit from the association with Atari?


2 - Blockchain Games 2020



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