ACME brand newcomer traps

A speculative investment, a complete fraud or not even a financial asset; these and many more are the disqualifications we have read and heard. However, for those who follow the behavior of Bitcoin (BTC), they know that these qualifiers are not strange, mainly because they were written between 2018 and 2020 and used by large financial representatives such as JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and many more. And until not so long ago the rating towards this currency were part of an extreme attack of conceptual errors that simply did not fit their profit spaces.

The shift in thinking for all of these institutions has been relevant in the crypto community, in that there is now a broader range of support for the appreciation of BTC as a real funding asset that takes on a character beyond the domestic. An institutional view is now taking advantage of a still virgin market and exploring new forms of dominance for maximum profit and setting valuation constraints, just as they do with gold, silver, and other commodities in the market.

However, certain behaviors that are born from all this current storm of prices in the crypto market are striking; proposals such as Wells Fargo's proposal to its "wealthiest" customers to offer them a service of cryptocurrency acquisition make you think about how the future will be with these scenarios. This news seems to give the feeling that the control will become more intense in the market, and of course, the recent fall, will be the main fundamentals to say that the manipulation will be strongly entrenched and the institutionalism will begin to rule in the domains of these spaces open to everyone.

It will not be strange to see new highs that will allow BTC to reach new ATH. To say that the price can touch $100,000, $500,000 or $1,000,000 will not be an exaggeration at all, and this includes alt's. It is also not surprising to see drastic and rapid drops of 100X, 200X that return in volatility and insecurity, but for the purposes of levels of the big players, it will only be a new opportunity to take advantage of these variants for accelerated enrichment.

I view with concern that we are so vulnerable at this point in the market, for example we have redactions from JPMorgan on their acme trap "analysis" and its relevance in defining "the outlook for bitcoin flows in deteriorating and points to a continued pullback by institutional investors". If this were so true, we would not have stocks as deep as Wells Fargo, Golman Sachs, Citibank or Morgan Stanley.

With this new fall of BTC, from almost being at $65,000 and having touched almost $30,000, from reinforcing its sideways at $32,000 now being above $40,000, it is not surprising that many of the small and medium investors have opted to sell. In order to participate in the benefits of BTC, beyond a profit stream, it must be understood that it is the key to the fundamental survival of the value of our assets, a new store of value that rises from below and has the confidence of those who do not harm it with their mercantilist and debtor precepts.

I can only remind you to stand firm in your positions and not to fall into this type of fear that causes these massive long burns in the markets. Of course, I must point out that this information is written with the best of intentions and does not represent any investment recommendation. We should always do our own research.

I leave at the end of this writing, the links of several articles that helped me in the construction of this information. These spaces define better the theme that is being developed in the words left.





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