A Pair of Extremely Expensive Socks

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are themselves a relatively new concept that forms and creates a new derivative of economics. They reflect the construction of a digital identity that gives reasons to expand in new ways the concept of blockchain technology in that link towards the complete and fractional ownership of a single unique identity, granting that essence of originality with a digital seal.

Various fields are being complemented with these new ideas, including gaming, virtual reality, digital identity and the world of finance itself. And I really make a statement on the latter because we are seeing, like many varieties of investment, the intrinsic use of experimental tokens that show a follow-up to these new forms of exchange. An NFT token, called SOCKS, is now presented through Uniswap, which operates under the tutelage of the Unisocks exchanger.

The particularity of this project is not its name or what it is representing in the world of fungibility. The concern is the association that currently shows a record per unit of $ 67,724.08. It is a pretty incredible way of saying that a token reaches this point, even beating Yeild Farming which initially traded for about $ 45,000 even though Bitcoin did not even reach $ 15,000.

Of course, SOCK is a very high risk project that literally tests the known limits of tolerance and credibility by relating a limited value, at the moment, to the scarcity of its current offering.

Unisock handles an operating concept called "linkage curve" and is basically related to the early holding of these tokens and under a smart contract this linkage facilitates the movement of the percentage entering the holders and the automation of its price based on market behavior .

Some of its value brands show that this token has a 24-hour trading volume of $ 930,200 USD. Unisocks is down 22.38% in the last 24 hours. CoinMarketCap's current ranking is # 583, with a market cap of $ 21,218,672 USD. It has a circulation of 314 SOCKS coins.

The main Unisocks exchanges are on Uniswap and Protocol 0x. The truth is that I find it difficult to believe that price, but that is, even so we will see that its usability will begin to really show us what a pair of socks is for, but they really are things that are not seen in the fiat world.

For this writing I reinforce the information and concepts elaborated under the articles whose links I leave below this paragraph. His contribution contributed to complement the knowledge that we seek in alternative technologies in the financial world.



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