A Cryptographic Bet, a faithful World from the Beginning

A Cryptographic Bet, a faithful World from the Beginning

One of the spaces that never refused to give Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies a chance was the world of gambling, highly criticized, its support from the beginning has been helpful not only for the knowledge and propagation of the use of this type of assets but of innovations and development of tools for the management and deep growth of the cryptographic environment.

This environment has been a clear example of putting into practice all those concepts that we see involved with altcoins and that undoubtedly arouse great interest in users due to the potential that this has represented. Contact with smart contracts, Dapp's and even with oracles has fostered a great center for improvements in the cryptographic community that has been implemented in the field of betting.

Of course, beyond an environment of production and originality, the world of gambling must be accompanied by a legal framework that knows how to balance the volatility of cyptocurrencies with the legitimacy of this activity. There are already many spaces that have joined to meet these demands and give full support to the integration of this expanding mini-universe.


The design and management of bets should be another challenge to take into account in these spaces, we are talking about a world that is part of entertainment and the fact of combining this with the explosiveness of cryptocurrencies achieves an amazing and very tempting combination to leave ignore.

And if this weren't enough, the world of gambling is greatly benefited by the advancement of new technologies that make this world more dynamic and easily accessible. By not depending on third parties, decentralization in some betting sites makes the immense amount of money generated in this new type of environment manageable and facilitates non-social interaction through active forums.

Of course, cryptocurrencies go beyond a single crypto space, as they are still limited to geographic restrictions and with additional expense operations that perhaps in the fiat world are not available. Even so, automation is a cost that many want to pay and it may balance each of the physical restrictions that are going to be had.

They can locate lists of sites with the best management of bets with crypto, they are not only limited to Bitcoin (BTC), they also include Etherium (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), XRP, Tron (TRX), among others . Some houses in this environment already updated in cryptos are varied, among the most prominent are 1XBit, BETONLINE, BETFLIP, THUNDERPICK, and many more that operate under legality schemes.

This article does not recommend any betting site, the best way to find out is through research and training of an opinion base on where and how to invest your cryptocurrencies.



I am a Venezuelan, worker, father of a family who fell in love with this crypto world; I love reading news related to the crypto space, from the technological performance to the shape and concept of each currency in this world.

Cryptographic Alchemy
Cryptographic Alchemy

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