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By julian2344 | STARTUPS | 13 Feb 2024




Good morning, afternoon, evening to everyone on planet earth and surroundings, I am passing by to tell you that I am putting together a Coffee Truck project, Coffe Mobile or whatever is going to happen in the process.
I clarify that my economic situation is not very favorable at the moment, just for the moment, so I am looking for sponsors, how strange for a Latin American country, isn't it? It is what it is, gentlemen, I have no capital, but I have learned that there are pages like GoFundMe, Kikstarter, Ideame in which the project is presented and those interested in helping others can do it.
I have thought about it many times and there are several mixed feelings about asking for money, capital, help to others to start a business, but I have left them aside because they do not help me at all and for something there are these pages where you can not only help others, but also ask for help, that's my case.

I am not going to tell the ups and downs I have gone through in my life, the situations I have had to live or the missed opportunities, I do not want my thoughts in that direction, just present the project idea and writing this helps me to clarify ideas and focus on what I really want and need to work and provide a good product to the customer.

I would also like the possibility of a place where I can work several hours standing, closed to always keep the place in excellent hygienic conditions and I can move without towing it with a car or truck.




My location is in Argentina, in one of the towns that are on the border of the entrance to Patagonia, in the middle of the Argentinean desert, it is not a tourist place but 18 kilometers away is the National Route 22 that leads to the Andes Mountains where hundreds or thousands of cars and trucks circulate daily.

When I was 18 years old I left my town to work in the city and I dedicated myself to gastronomy as a waiter in cafeterias, restaurants of Mediterranean cuisine and grills, I learned the trade but I never had the possibility of opening my own business, less than five years ago for health reasons of my parents I had to return home to take care of them but here the job opportunities are very bad and the possibilities of progressing are almost impossible, the salaries are around 140 usd per month. So, studying my possibilities and skills, I set myself the task of imagining what would be a job that would make me happy and give me the opportunity to do business, my idea, almost a dream, is a coffee truck.




These are some of the models that I like the most and I see feasible to work, you have to take into account several factors and what service you want to offer to the customer, mine would not only be cafeteria but also some bakery, dried fruits, dried cookies, and if there is space for a refrigerator the possibilities would increase a lot from sandwiches, sodas, alfajores, etc.. Also, if possible, start the cafeteria hours at 5 AM in spring and summer since the route leads to the mountain range and hundreds of tourists travel daily at that time of the year.
By the way, a colorful fact, for those who are passionate about hiking, climbing, etc., I recommend that you find out about the Andean Footprint in Patagonia or the Lanin Volcano, or paradisiacal towns like San Martin de los Andes, Villa Pehuenia or El Bolson.

In the picture of Google Maps shows Argentina in its entirety and where the blue dot points is my location, my idea is that if it does not work as a cafeteria in the place where I am I could do seasons on the Atlantic coast or the tourist towns of the Cordillera, the distances are long, I know, that is why in my dreams I have a vehicle with the capacity to move long distances to make it work, if it is not in one place it is in another, and if it does not work as a cafeteria I could sell jams, preserves, bread, sandwiches, smoothies or whatever I need to work honestly.





There are thousands of models of mobile coffee shops around the world of different sizes and budgets, below I show some of them, although it should be noted that not all are feasible given the climatic conditions of the region and the strong winds, the idea is to work five or six days a week, I show some mobile micro cafeterias that were discarded from my options because I could not work more than two or three days a week, also taking into account that I am several kilometers from Route 22 I have to consider the transfer.






In case there are any multimillionaires among the readers who would like to contribute to the project, I leave them my email address:
[email protected] later I will be uploading more data on materials, working tools, etc.. to put the cafeteria in operation.
Donaciones: 0x8EC74335Bc6e856dC8cEd0f843049f02023B7D46



















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