Mercadolibre announces that it has a new token: Mercado Coin.

By julian2344 | STARTUPS | 20 Aug 2022


The company born in a garage in Saavedra in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires 21 years ago, launches its own cryptocurrency on the Ethereum network.

If there is a Latin American startup par excellence, that is MercadoLibre, already operating in 18 countries, listed on Nasdaq and with a market capitalization of more than 10 billion dollars, it has become the object of study of large and small entrepreneurs trying to imitate its success.

Marcos Galperín, CEO and founder of MercadoLibre, confirmed the launch of the new token, which is a customer loyalty program.
It should be noted that it will only be available in a first stage in Brazil, country previously chosen by the company to launch new services and innovations, the cost of the launch will be 0.10 usd and can only be obtained or purchased through the Mercadopago application, although the purpose of this token is to give rewards such as reimbursement to users who buy on the platform.


For the custody and everything related to the purchase and sale of MercadoCoin is working together with the exchange Ripio, an Argentine company with more than eight years of experience, which has also expanded to neighboring countries, including Brazil, the token will NOT be negotiated at first outside the MercadoPago app.

Since December 2021 in Brazil have the possibility to buy Bitcion and Ethereum from the MercadoPago app, the company managed to have more than one million users in less than three months.

Fernando Yunes, vice president of MercadoLibre Brazil, clarified, although this first launch will be intended only for the Brazilian market, at some point they will expand to other countries with no confirmed date for this expansion.



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