NFTs - Ape Man Brain Collection
Ape Man Brains

NFTs - Ape Man Brain Collection

Hi All,


Welcome to the latest post in my blog for all things crypto-related. Today I will be writing about my latest creations in the world of NFT's, having recently posted about some giveaways and how to make basic generative art for the world of NFTs.


History of this NFT Series

This series is based on a collection I am making from a human brain scan. The scan shows a beautiful section through the human brain, which gave me thoughts and ideas on how that exact brain could be used to convey emotions.

From there I set about making the series. Basically from looking at some of the original and biggest collections I set the image size. From there it was most important to have the head/brain central, as I think these could be pretty collectable items or potentially as profile pics, similar to my one on here. 👆👆

Making all the individual brains involved finding good base images to utilise the texture and colours. From there I set about creating each and setting out the batches. My hope is that each release will have a selection of individual pieces. The simplistic background helps to keep the focus on the mind of the piece. Below is a selection of some works still in progress.



Release Dates and Prices

The collection is being released this Friday, the 15th of October.

In this first release, there will be 25 Ape-Man Brains, with a similar number in each further release. The floor price for the first batch will be only 0.0002ETH, and certainly not to be missed.

Further batches, being released over the next 2 weeks in time for Halloween, will see the prices increase to 0.0004ETH and so on with each new release. The second selection will be available from next week, around the 19/20th of October.



Other Works I’m Currently Creating

Recently I took part in my first ever Giveaway, with all 100 Multicolour Fusion pieces from my Abstract collection going to new owners.

As part of the Ape-Man Brains launch, I am doing my second giveaway from the Abstract collection, with Multicolour Fade, found here Multicolour Fade


Multicolour Fade


There are 100 copies of this item, with 75 earmarked for the giveaway. The set floor price will be 0.0035 so worth taking part and getting one. If anyone is interested the details for how to enter can be found on my Twitter page, here


Thanks very much for reading, I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit more about my work and the inspirations behind it.


Check out my collections on Opensea here:

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Have a great day.

Peace. CryptoGod-1.


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