Stronghold's 1st governance vote results and $SHx price action

By CryptoGemGR | CryptoGemGR | 20 Jan 2024

Welcome to my 1st article. I am happy to share with you thoughts and news from the cryptocurrency space. I hope to adapt easily. I want you to read with pleasure what I have to share with you, for this reason my articles will be short and concise. Let's begin.

On the occasion of the 5 year birthday, the 1st governance vote was held that will shape the future of Stronghold (SHx). This is the start of the path for $SHx. $SHx holders have voted for a strategic burn of 70% of the origination fee, directing Stronghold towards a more sustainable and reduced total supply of SHx. You can find the results here

This decision holds significant implications for capital contributors, as a portion of the origination fee will be forever inaccessible, reflecting a dedication to long-term value creation. The weighted average, determined by the 2nd question's voted values, showcases the community's active role in steering Stronghold's future.

Finally, $SHx has experienced an amazing 500% surge in price over the last two months. This surge not only highlights the coin's market dynamics but also proves the anticipation surrounding the governance-driven decisions.

Thank you for reading.

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