| Crypto Gambling test and review 2019 | Crypto Gambling test and review 2019

By Cosmopolichain | CryptoGaming | 20 Nov 2019


Do you know ? If so, stay and let me give you my opinion. And if you don't know it well, we'll see together how this platform works. this Crypto Gambling platform ( allows you to play 5 games with 103 different cryptocurrencies. 103 yes, it's huge I know. And I tested the transfers in ETH, BTC, XLM, STEEM, DOGE and each time the operations went very quickly. In addition, the staf is very reactive in case of problems. You have a direct messaging on the site. Who puts you in touch with a team member who solves problems in just a few minutes. It's really a detail that makes me particularly like this platform.


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Let's take the dice game, my favorite. Here's how the game looks like.


As you can see, you can bet on "under" or "over". You can of course choose directly by clicking on the number on the left, a number between 1 and 99. Before that, of course, you must deposit tokens and know that it is very simple. And it's just as easy to remove your tokens. Experience it for yourself...


Nothing very complicated, is it? Everything is there, all you have to do is make a transfer and indicate a memo if necessary. For currencies without a memo, for example Dogecoin, Bitcoin etc... no need for a memo but be careful anyway. I once had a mistake with a memo. Please note that the team credited my account in less than 2 hours and without any administration fees.



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In short, now that our account is fully funded we can start playing. There are several games but I will focus on the dice game.

Of course I don't like to sit in front of my computer and see if I win or lose. If you like to play manually, you can do it. But you can also use the "Auto" function which allows you to set up a strategy and let it do its job until you reach your objectives. Of course, the "AutoPlay" function is dangerous, but if I tell you about it it's because here the minimum bet is 0.0000000001 regardless of the currency used. So you have the chance to test and increase your bet if your strategy is profitable. But how to configure your strategy?

Let's look at it now.



The remaining settings are pretty basic and you will have no trouble understanding them. You have the auto stop if you want the bot to stop itself. And the reverse target if you want to change the target "Under" or "Over" after X wins or losses.

You can also adjust the speed of the autoplay, go to the maximum speed maybe profitable but be very careful because you can also lose everything in less than 4 seconds.


The second part of the autoplay is about boundaries. You have the possibility to choose the amount below which you do not want to go down. You can choose the maximum bet in case of an excessive bet increase. And you can choose to stop the autoplay if you have reached your goals. You can see that the settings are really very simple and intuitive.

Once all your settings are made you can start your tests with a minimum bet. And look at the effects on your wallet. The statistics are very detailed and you can get an idea of your strategy at a glance.



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In addition to allowing you to play, receive, send currencies in seconds. The platform has its own internal exchange. You can exchange 103 currencies between them in a matter of seconds and at a lower cost.

This is really something very positive for the platform that makes it a truly complete Crypto Gambling platform and a reason why I encourage players to use it.



I will give you the details because the use of the exchange is really very simple. You will have no trouble familiarizing yourself with it. In addition, you can browse the site in search of the various contests to try your luck. Bitcoin bonuses are very often given to the best players of this Crypto Gambling.

And here is a quick review of this Crypto Gambling site. I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to join the platform using my link. I transfer 5% of your wagered with tips in different cryptocurrencies daily very regularly. Already thousands of tokens distributed so if you want to enjoy it, it's here...


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