Synergy of Serra Presale is Live

Synergy of Serra Presale is Live

By egamersio | CryptoGames | 3 Aug 2020

The upcoming free-to-play Blockchain-based TCG Synergy of Serra launched two hours ago the Crates sale and everyone can participate using Paypal and cryptocurrencies.

There are two different crate types available, the Transcendent crates and the Base crates, read about them in our previous Synergy of Serra article, or visit straight away the SoS presale page. To participate, you will need to sign up using your email and a password.


The crates’ supply is limited to 400,000 pieces of each type, and players can trade them since day one. Keep in mind that the price escalates depending on how many crates will be sold, favoring the early adopters. Currently, there are Tier 1 crates available, in the best possible price, once tier 1 is sold out, the price will rise.

Transcendent crates have a price of 2$ while Base crates cost 1$.


Synergy Of Serra (SoS) aims to become a play-to-win game where money doesn’t guarantee a win. Unlike other TCG games and according to Calystrals‘ statement, skilled SoS players can win battles with lower quality cards and climb the leaderboard while reaping multiple rewards. There will be various ranked ladders, including a Battle Royale one and a sophisticated crafting system from what we know so far. Additionally, players will be able to mint in-game items, all tradeable as NFTs on the Matic Network chain. reached out to Julian Sakowski, Founder and developer of SoS for a gameplay quote:

Synergy of Serra shapes a new game genre, merging Deckbuilder Card Games with classic Strategy Card Game mechanics. Decks are not pre-constructed before a match but constructed within the match itself. Players need to come up with superior strategies and counter-tactics on the fly. This turns Synergy of Serra into a challenging Trading Card Game with infinite game experience

For more information about the game, you can read this detailed Medium article.

Visit the Synergy of Serra crates sale website.

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