NeoWorld 2.0 Business Update

By egamersio | CryptoGames | 30 Aug 2019

NeoWorld is a well-funded game with an overwhelming community of players in Asia and abroad. The recent Business Update created excitement for the future of the game and we have all the information!

NeoWorld 2.0 core gameplay is all about managing land and buildings. The game itself is a Sandbox “life sumulator” that allows players to consume raw materials, electricity, produce semi-process materials and construct a variety of buildings. Did we mention that you can work for those buildings/companies?

So what’s new in the NeoWorld 2.0 Update?

The LandLords & Business Owners

NeoWorld introduced the Industrial Chain. Business are available in four types of sectors, Commercial, Culture, Industrial and Service. Each sector has its own production level with a cap of 4.

Lets take for example the commercial sector. The first production level is where raw materials are produced, in the second one, businesses use the raw materials to produce rough ones using a combination of the first. In the third sector, we have the processing of rough materials and finally, the last stage is where the product is ready and each company will start to produce business value.

In addition, Electricity is introduced and soon, buildings and companies will have to add this to the operational costs. Moreover, NeoWorld also announced industrial competition and buildings trading. The Free market will strengthen the competition and players who would like to exit the game can sell all of their possessions.

The price of upgrading buildings will be fixed and pegged to USDT using NASH, the in-game token. Every time a player constructs a building, 5% will be booked as commissions and the remaining 95% will be burnt periodically.

Buildings when producing will have a cooldown effect, also, the renovation is not necessary anymore, players can build without having to renovate each time to upgrade it.

What else in the update?

Each Continent will have its own power plant that will produce 1/24 of its maximum storage capacity of electricity every hour. Continent lords can use NASH to build more power plants. There will be also a technology tree that can be unlocked. If the continent runs out of electricity, buildings won’t be operatable.

Continents can choose to have one or more special materials by unlocking the technology tree. Those materials will be necessary for specific production lines. This will enchant cross-border marketplace trading.

95% of the NASH daily mining pool is distributed to each business and 5% according to the results of working. Only IV Level buildings will be able to produce business value.

For a complete list of updates, you can visit the official article.

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