CryptoIdleMiner Season 2 and token update

By egamersio | CryptoGames | 12 Jun 2019

For all those who have been climbing the leaderboard, you will have been rewarded nicely as Season 2 has officially started and Hora Tokens have been credited according to your standings. The stakes have increased, competition has been tougher and many Hora Tokens are up for grabs.


Seasons will last for 7 days and will reset every Monday. The segregation into the leaderboard is as follows.

  • Champions League — Best 50 players in the game
  • Diamond League — Next top 10% of the players
  • Platinum League — Next top 20% of the players
  • Gold League — Next top 30% of the players
  • Silver League — Bottom 40% of the players

Each season, there will be a certain allocation of tokens to each league which means as more people start joining the game the fixed number will be split among more people. In other words, those currently on the leaderboard are getting a big slice of the pie.

For example, if I were to maintain my current standing at my current league, I will be getting a massive 10k Hora Tokens when the season resets. This also shows how early adopters/early players get rewarded for their time and effort. To find out more about Hora Tokens and the allocation of Hora Tokens click here.

Hora Token Moving to TRON

Previously, it was released that Hora Tokens will be ERC20 and can be withdrawn to any ERC20 compatible wallet. However, it is now changed that Hora Tokens will be TRC20 instead and cannot be withdrawn at the moment. Contract address and other details will be provided in their next update. You can download some of the available Tron wallets here.


CryptoIdleMiner is an idle mining game and whether you are a casual or hardcore player there are Hora Token to be won. There is a lot of Hora Tokens to be won no matter which league you are in now so start playing today if you haven’t started!


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