Making the Most of Publish0x's Free Cryptocurrency Reading Scheme

Making the Most of Publish0x's Free Cryptocurrency Reading Scheme

By Gaelichymns | Cryptogael | 29 Jan 2021

As you're reading this article on Publish0x, chances are this site needs no introduction but for those of you that don't know; Publish0x is a Cryptocurrency platform that rewards people with free Cryptocurrency for reading and writing articles. Predominantly, these articles focus on the Crypto world, although some users do choose to write about other things. It currently rewards Crypto in: #ETH, #AMPL, and #FARM and has a minimum withdrawal of $1 in any currency. So in comparison to some platforms, it does have a more favourable withdrawal scheme as there's a much lower threshold to meet. If you're just looking to read articles then you can still earn Cryptocurrency.

In order to prevent people just pretending to read articles and ruining the free tipping system, you're limited to 6 tips per day (this does not apply to the number of people tipping your articles. Authors can receive an unlimited number of tips on their articles). When it comes to tipping, the reward is somewhat random.


When a user reads an article, it creates a small pool of Crypto to be shared between the author and the reader. The reader gets to control how much of a percentage of the tip goes towards the author and how much goes to themselves. It's worth noting that your first tip of the day is always going to have the most Crypto in the pool, with subsequent tips gathering from a lower and lower pool. By default it sets it so that 80% of the tip goes towards the author and 20% goes to the reader. It's worth considering saving your earlier tips for your favourite authors, and playing around with the percentages as the tip pool reduces.

Now, there is the possibility that you could just set every tip to be split 80% towards you and 20% going to the author. But hear me out on how it pays off to be smarter about your tip donations. One thing I like about Torum, Publish0x and LeoFinance is that there is an incentive towards putting out high quality posts and engagement. Torum, Publish0x and LeoFinance rewards good content providers, and as such the system naturally punishes those attempting to spam the platform for Crypto. This is unlike some other platforms where such systems are easily exploited by spammers and scammers to gain Crypto.

We don't want more Crypto platforms falling into the same area where good quality content producers are pushed out and scammers are allowed to take over the platform. Which doesn't work well for anyone in the long term. With a hyper focus on scammers and spammers, we can often let high quality content creators get overlooked. A way to encourage them to keep producing high quality content, is to be more generous with our tipping. By choosing to focus our six tips of the day on quality writers, we're encouraging their work and a better quality of content on the site overall. It pays to actually read the articles and not tip people who are just attempting to churn out trash for a quick tip.

It's worth being open and honest that if you're just doing the six readings a day, you're likely going to take a while before you earn anything of value from Publish0x. Now, this isn't to say the platform is bad it's more about changing the way that you engage with it. This is where other features of the site come into play, and can be a way of boosting your earnings to make them work more favourably towards you. Free crypto is always going to be nice, but not so much if it takes too long before you can do anything with it.


One thing I like about Publish0x , is that even as a reader you can make use of the referral scheme. By promoting Publish0x to other people, you can gain a percentage of the tips they make each day. If you can't write promotional articles, don't worry because one of their best features is the ability to add your referral link to any article on the site. By sharing and promoting other people's work, this can help you in multiple ways:

  • By promoting articles, if people read them then decide to sign up you're going to make some extra Crypto from each of their daily tips. While 5% isn't a lot, it means that you're still gaining some extra Crypto each day. Remember that Publish0x has the low withdrawal threshold of just $1, this can very quickly be met.
  • Writing can be a really difficult task. It's hard to keep putting out work that takes a long time and not get any feedback. By sharing and promoting content creator's work, you're encouraging them to keep going. Rewarding hard work is one of the best ways to minimise the impact of spammers, because they can't game the system in the same way. It means more good authors creating high quality work, and not being discouraged or falling into the trap of turning into a spammer themselves.
  • By sharing interesting Crypto articles you can benefit in two ways. With every interesting article you share and input about, you've just created the opportunity for an interesting discussion. This will encourage people to follow and engage with your content. A lot of people are new to the Cryptocurrency world and will greatly appreciate those sharing articles that can help them. It can be hard to know where to look, how to stay up to date, and so on. People will recognise you as someone that's kind and helpful.
  • When you encourage a Crypto writer to sign up to Publish0x you'll be getting 5% of every tip that they receive (and give), which is likely going to be a much higher gain than from just referring readers. People at Publish0x will be more than happy to welcome a new writer, and it can be a great platform to encourage others to share their writing with.

Writing comments on Publish0x doesn't award any Cryptocurrency in the short term, but in the long term it does have the potential of awarding you with Crypto. Now, hear me out. You may in the future decide that you want to start writing your own Cryptocurency content, and it's important to be cultivating a potential reader base now. Authors are always going to appreciate those that leave high quality and valuable responses to their work. It can be really motivating, it can give them new ideas of things to write about, and it can help promote their work (often articles get featured as a result of high user engagement). If you're already a writer, then consider using the commenting feature as a means of developing your reader base.

As you continue to write high quality comments, authors will begin to recognise you and may give you a follow as a way of thanks. They're likely to remember your name and when they see you putting articles out they're going to want to return the favour. By sharing interesting and helpful articles with other people, you're going to get the reputation of someone that promotes actually helpful & interesting high quality content. People are going to want to follow you and engage with you because of that! This can give you access to a much higher potential reader base (and subsequently more potential to be tipped) than if you had never done these things to begin with. Never underestimate just how powerful being recognised as helpful or kind can be. In the long run, it will always pay off to be thoughtful and appreciative.

This post was originally written for my Torum clan. If you don't have a Torum account, you can sign up using my referral link to get yourself 75 XTM (you need to verify your account to claim this), and be sure to check out my post: "Torum: The Revolutionary New Social Media Platform for Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts"

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