Torum: The Revolutionary New Social Media Platform for Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

By Gaelichymns | Cryptogael | 22 Jan 2021

Have you ever wanted to connect in a fun laidback way with other Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and earn some free Crypto at the same time? Tired of not having friends who are as enthusiastic about Cryptocurrency as you are? Tired of overly serious platforms that don't allow for a mixture of lighthearted fun and serious discussion? Then the team at Torum might have something for you.


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TORUM seeks to combine gamification with a serious community feel, meaning you earn Cryptocurrency through engaging in different tasks but also can just enjoy connecting with the community. One of my favourite things about TORUM is how hands on the staff are, I've yet to make a status on TORUM that hasn't had staff members giving their input and they're constantly on the lookout for any issues that may arise. They seek to give a platform for many different kinds of Crypto enthusiasts: from those seeking to promote their Crypto project, to those looking to exchange tips and information about Coins and provide market predictions, to those newer into Cryptocurrency and just looking for a means to learn and connect with people.

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Like with Reddit, users can award your posts with tokens. These tokens will then give you XTM which is the Cryptocurrency of TORUM. By designing the platform in this way, it encourages users to leave meaningful contributions and comments rather than just spamming. As the staff on TORUM are genuinely very active, you can be sure that if people are spamming they will be quickly dealt with. By getting rid of spammers, it helps ensure that the community is kept safe from scams. 


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Alongside this, there are daily, weekly, and long term missions to work towards that can also reward you with XTM. This ensures that the community stays active and actually engages with one another. TORUM is definitely not a platform for you to just think about yourself, it depends on and encourages community engagement. 

All of these are great features, which should be more than enough to convince you to sign up. But in case you aren't convinced, I will expand on what TORUM has to offer. According to their whitepaper, they seek to improve on the model that places like Steemit promote. Because Steemit is a decentralised blogging platform, the team at TORUM feels it lacks the opportunity for meaningful expansion and constant community development. They are addressing this by providing instant messaging, different ways of community engagement, and being a platform which can constantly evolve. There are already a lot of Cryptocurrency platforms out there, but they see this as an issue in itself: "The fact that there is no clear winner among the crypto social media landscape implies that the existing platforms fail to capture the interest of worldwide cryptocurrency communities. Reflecting on the mistakes of these platforms, TORUM discovered that the one element that the cryptocurrency users are interested in is none other than - Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology". You can also read what someone else has to say about TORUM over on Publish0x"Why Choose TORUM?" by Chriss 


By providing a clear Cryptocurrency focus, it will ensure that it can cultivate a healthy community across the Cryptosphere. By being a niche platform, it will allow them to really know where to focus their improvements and how to improve any weaknesses that crop up. As most bloggers will tell you, you need that niche focus to ensure a healthy audience. While there are Cryptocurrency Reddit subs, they rely on a platform that isn't focused on Cryptocurrency and thus can't necessarily cater to that subreddit's specific audience.


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You might have noticed mentions of XTM and TORUM having their own Cryptocurrency. So what is XTM? XTM is an ERC-20 utility token which the TORUM ecosystem is built upon. It has a Maximum Token Supply of 1,000,000,000 units and they currently have a Pre-Sale allocation of 10,000,000 units. As of right now the current price per token is 0.05 USDT for 1 XTM token.  It is used for various features and services that TORUM has to offer (both currently on the platform and upcoming features). 


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By connecting TORUM with XTM it ensures that users don't have to worry about signing up for new wallets. It's integrated into their social media platform that will ensure easy access and use. This deals with the issue of some exchanges not having certain coins, and addresses the issue of coins not having substantial value to attract potential investors.

To ensure that there is a large demand for XTM they craft their features around this, as well as having a buyback-and-burn mechanism to ensure that the price is attractive to users. Investors don't want to invest in a worthless coin! Some of the features they are bringing in are:

    • Profit-sharing initiative via Token Depository


    • Buying & Selling on Marketplace


    • Advertisement Slot Bidding


    • Premium Subscriptions


    • Exchange Listing Initiative

All of these features are designed to "create a constant demand for XTM & increasing liquidity of XTM". 

TORUM is currently in BETA, with sign ups still allowed. Their current focus is on ironing out any bugs, improving the UI/UX design, and experimenting with different functions. By signing up now and getting involved, you can take part in shaping what is sure to be a very successful Crypto community.  


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As for my own personal review, I will say this: I really am enjoying the site so far. I love the hands on approach of the staff, and that they actually participate in the community. All too often, moderators and administrators of sites will work quietly in the background. This can cause a bit of a division between staff and the user base, any site needs healthy communication between the two to thrive. 

I really do love the layout and customisation options of the site. It really has a nice sleek feel to it, and while there are bugs from time to time the staff are always very quick at addressing it. They don't just quietly fix the issue in the background as well, they clearly communicate to users throughout fixing it which I really like. It's important to know that issues are being addressed, and how they're hoping to address it. It also allows people to feel comfortable to come forward to raise any issues with staff. If you make staff too secretive and repairs disjointed from the user base, then people might not feel comfortable coming forward.


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I really like how it targets different kinds of Cryptocurrency users as well. Some platforms are definitely more suited for experts and for 'influencers', which can leave novices feeling left out. Companies and projects can now also have a new platform to engage their clientbase with. And there's lots of different ways to engage with other users. For example; you have the feed of people you are following but you also have the option to check trending hashtags or popular posts on the discover timeline. There's also 'clans' which you can participate in. All these different touches ensures that there's a healthy community vibe where people can find different ways to communicate.

I hope you all take the time to sign up to TORUM, and comment down below your usernames so we can connect with one another there! If you sign up with my referral link we will both be awarded 75 XTM:

Note: This post contains affiliate links of which I will receive rewards if you sign up using them, at no cost to yourself. I do not promote any platform I don't genuinely enjoy and engage with, I really think you'll like these communities which is why I choose to promote them. I originally wrote this post for my Uptrennd profile which you can view here:

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