Publish0x Withdrawals: New Rules

Publish0x Withdrawals: New Rules

By Jelly Fish | cryptofun | 4 Feb 2021

About a month ago I made an article about my troubles with my Publish0x earnings. Since then the situation became even worse -- thanks to ETH's new ATHs...

In January I lost my AMPL payout because that shitty Hotbit delisted AMPL and discarded all deposits. I don't want to withdraw AMPL to my Metamask, it will probably be buried there forever -- thanks to ETH's new ATHs and totheMooning fees. And no matter how I love Harvest, I can't afford paying $20 of ETH to stake $1 of FARM. Shortly, today pretty much the only thing I can do with my earnings, even feelessly withdrawn, is to send them on a CEX and keep them there. Or to keep them at Publish0x.

Publish0x too was once again hit by skyrocketing ETH fees and changed their withdrawal policy again. Technically, they've made the conditions worse. But practically, their solution is something I already have to do myself, so I can't complain.

Besides, for Publish0x guys (and for all the comunity) the question is either to adapt to ETH's new normal or to die. Even if the guys have some revenue from ads, sponsors, etc. -- paying $10 to transfer $1 is not a viable business model. That's crypto, baby... Anyway, I'd prefer Publish0x to stay alive.

Maybe the situation is different for those who do blogging at Publish0x for living and get like $100-$1000 every month. But "the rich have their own problems too", as they say in Post-Soviet Russia. I let the rich sort their problems out themselves.


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