Prospectors game, or mining crypto with a pickaxe

Prospectors game, or mining crypto with a pickaxe

By Jelly Fish | cryptofun | 20 Jan 2020

A few days ago I came here across an article about yet another browser-based game. Usually, I'm pretty much skeptical about all kinds of browser-based games, because I see most of them either dull or created only to suck user's money out for various stupid in-game stuff, or both. I don't know why exactly I read that article and clicked the link to the game. Probably, just because it was advertized as a "crypto-mining" game.

And so it is indeed! Let me introduce you

The game where you can literally mine the digital crypto-gold with a digital pickaxe!

The game is a MMORTES (a massively multiplayer online real-time economic strategy) created by some Ukrainian team, as far as I can understand. There's in-game currency surprisingly named "gold", which can be swapped for Prospectors Gold PGL token, PGL tokens can be traded for WAX tokens, and WAX -- for EOS.

At the moment I'm not going to describe all the rules of the game here. But briefly -- there's a continent all divided into square plots, which have mineral resources (including gold, of course) above and beneath the ground. You can extract those resources, transform them, and trade it all for gold. Or you can go doing various paid jobs (like transporting or building) for others. Shortly, you do everything to accumulate more gold. You can even mine your gold with a pickaxe and a gold pan, or build a whole gold mining workshop. (Again, it's an oversimplified description, actual rules are far more complicated)

Well, honestly, at first glance the game looks plain dull. Just imagine something like a chess game where making a move can take hours. Accumulating a decent amount of gold takes time too, at least days, but most probably -- weeks. At early stages, the game requires hourly babysitting (it's not necessary, but more effective). Affiliate earnings are rather modest, there's no much use to push the game wildly like yet another Brave browser.

Normally, I would prefer Team Fortress-2, but the possibility to strategically mine crypto-gold pennies tempted me to give the game a try.

And after several days I still don't regret, the game really excites me so far, despite the fact that I still don't have enough gold to swap it into EOS (well, technically I have, but various commissions will probably eat all my earnings).

Besides, the game fits well into my schedule: days I work 9-5 and have enough time there to do babysitting, and hights I can check it from my iPad.

Shortly, though I can't say "I recommend this game!!!!1", I'm sure the game might well be interesting for strategy lovers. Plus some pennies if you manage to move your pickaxe hard enough.


Jelly Fish
Jelly Fish



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