My Good, Bad and Ugly prospectors
My Good, Bad and Ugly prospectors

By Jelly Fish | cryptofun | 24 Jan 2020

Not so long ago I discovered the browser-based game called Prospectors and made a short article about it. Today I would like to share what I learned during these days (a week or so) in the game.

The game's website has a (buggy) wiki and an FAQ, there's also some Academy inside the game. So I presume you already know at least the basic rules.

I entered the game having zero gold and three bare-handed slaves -- Mr. Good, Mr. Bad, and Mr. Ugly:


Pretty soon I realized how really slowmo the game is. It takes 10 minutes to move from one plot to the next. Besides, you can interact only with things on the same plot. In other words, in order to take something you bought from someone's shop you need to come to the plot the shop is located. To start mining you need to come to the plot you're going to mine at. If Mr. Good wants to give a tool to Mr. Bad -- they both must meet on the same plot first. Or to pay someone to move that tool from one plot to another (which takes time too, but at least at that time both Mr. Good and Mr. Bad can do paid work, not free walk). That is, logistics is extremely important. The less you move, the more you earn (unless you do transportation jobs, of course)

Also pretty soon I realized that though it's technically possible to mine and craft tools with bare hands, practically it's completely inefficient. Actually, without tools the only meaningful occupation is transportation.

When you accumulate some gold doing transportation -- buy an axe, with it you will be able to do both transportation and wood-cutting jobs. Then buy a saw. And so on. Buying a pickaxe and gold pan straight away is useless -- you're not allowed to mine gold without purchasing a "time certificate" (for about 70K gold at the moment).

Today my Mr. Bad and Mr. Ugly with a saw and an axe for each and a single cart for both cut wood on free spots and sell it. Mr. Good is a wanderer, he either does paid jobs here and there with his saw, axe, spade, shovel, and hammer or he mines and sells clay.

I hope next week I will be able to buy a time certificate for them -- and then the party will begin!


PS. Of course, it's easier to buy some PGL tokens on an exchange and launch a gold mine right away. But is it funnier this way?

Jelly Fish
Jelly Fish



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