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My Gambling Investments: Betfury, Trustdice, Earnbet

By Jelly Fish | cryptofun | 9 Feb 2021

I've already made several posts about my toy investments into three crypto-gambling projects: EarnbetTrustdice, and Betfury. Today I feel like I should write a small follow-up, a kind of alarm for new "investors", actually.

Well, Earnbet has no big news. My 286 BET tokens are staked for 5 years, and Earnbet pays me like US$0.1 of dividends monthly. Besides the dividends, I have no other earnings from Earnbet. It's still possible to buy BET tokens on Newdex exchange for WAX, but I don't feel like going deeper into that project. Let's see how much my BET stake will be worth in 5 years.

At Trustdice I have staked about 234K TXT tokens which bring me like $0.1-0.15 daily, depending on current crypto prices. But I've noticed a worrying trend: my stake keeps earning more in USD, but less in crypto. In other words, it becomes harder and harder to accumulate minimal crypto withdrawal amounts, even though USD valuation steadily goes up. I don't know what might be the reason, but I don't like how it goes.

Another bad thing with Trustdice is that their TXT got delisted from Newdex. For a short time, there was an EOS/TXT pool at Defibox, but right now there's only a half-dead TXT/ETH pool at Uniswap to swap TXT. In other words, TXT tokens are pretty much illiquid now, practically it's not possible to buy or sell them now. Although I'm not going to sell my TXT any time soon, I don't like the way it goes.

Besides dividends, I still jerk Trustdice ETH faucet and have a penny a day from one affiliate guy who jerks BTC faucet rather regularly (thank you, pal!). Hopefully, this month I will have enough ETH at Trustdice to withdraw, let's see how it will work out.

Well, Betfury... I'm quite disappointed with Betfury now.

Betfury guys slashed their BTC faucet once again, now it's only 5 sats every 20 minutes, so I don't jerk the faucet anymore, it's too time-consuming. BTC dividends went down considerably: a couple of months ago I had like 350 BFG tokens that earned like 300 BTC sats daily, today I have 470 tokens -- and they earn only about 100 BTC sats... My aff earnings are almost zero, I think the guys are upset too. Newly introduced ETH dividends slowly go up, but nothing spectacular. I suspect the Betfury hype is over, the BFG miners are mostly gone, while the gamblers prefer to keep their BTCs for themselves. Now I don't see much sense in mining more BFG tokens, and I'm pretty much inclined to leave my Betfury stake as it is.

Shortly, the best thing I can do today with my gambling investments is to forget about them for quite a long time.



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Jelly Fish
Jelly Fish



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