Argent L2 waitlist and airdrop

By Jelly Fish | cryptofun | 2 Aug 2021

Argent, a known ETH wallet with built-in DeFi integrations, has launched a waitlist and an airdrop for its upcoming layer-2 solution.

The airdrop is actually a kind of lottery — the more referrals, the more tickets. However, the prizes are quite hefty and the sponsors are reputable: Lido, Yearn, Aave among others. Shortly, it’s hard to win, but it’s definitely legit.

Affiliated entry to the airdrop on Gleam.

To get the rewards (if any), one must install the Argent wallet, for Android or iOS. From my experience, the Android version works better. Setting the wallet up is a bit tricky, though.

So good luck, guys!


PS. I’d really love to entertain my dear readers with moar articles, I have so many things to talk about! But due to some personal circumstances and lack of time my blogging is restricted to single middle finger tapping on an old small iPad late at night. Not the most comfortable way of blogging, I’d say...


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Jelly Fish
Jelly Fish



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