Magic Money Coins

By Skuhalo | Cryptofromtheforeignside | 20 Apr 2021

The magic money coins will change the world. Currently drawing 1% of the world's power, but only with an iota of the world's population involved. Though crypto users are small in number, they are large at heart. Beyond the irrefutable ledger, beyond the bull and bear days. It's the story, the mystic, the power.

It's not just the FOMO of missing out, but the freedom of stepping in. It is reality becoming, breaking the stuck markets of heavy regulation from fat cats lining the pockets of politicians for another caviar cracker. Once being a day trader meant scrounging for the scraps that the sharks above would let falling to the ocean floor.

Crypto is hope. The future burning into the present at a rate that no would have ever seen. A reality where a picture of a shiba, converted into a meme, became tangible profit. Crytpo is more than just the gains flexing, but a realizing of dreams, of ideas that could not grow wings to dreams. It means buying that house, paying off those student loans or going to the middle of Ethiopia to study with the priests.

But to many, who may want a simpler ideal, it means saying no to a soul crushing 9-5 for the next, and best forty years of theirives. It means no to running a rat race where the dice are loaded in someone else's favour, and their bank role subsidized by their taxes.

Crypto has been a long time coming, and as the chains connect and blocks gain traction. It poses the question, what is the use of a gatekeeper, if there is no keep to keep gated?

We're in the middle of pandemic where billionaires have grown fatter, essetinal workers risked their lives for peanuts and small businesses get gutted due to shrinking economies, inflation threatens FIATs backed by the dollar beimg printed out of control.

Yet behind all that, there is shadow that rises. A harbinger, powered by GPUs and CPUs once used to power gaming machines to escape reality, that are now being used to change it.

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