An Unexpected Battle Ground(Twitter Acting as the New Stock Exchange).

By Skuhalo | Cryptofromtheforeignside | 14 May 2021

From where Twitter started and where it is now, is metamorphosis they will teach in universities for years to come. From a place where people were meant to share their daily updates, through being a political battleground to now, a platform where Tweets slice and dice coin values.

It is funny how things change, funnier still how we went from being a decentralised platform to being completely centralised on the Twitter account of one man.

Stock prices have always been volatile to whatever world event or hedge fund was trying to fix them. but there were still some boundaries, some illusion of some governmental body attempting to make sure we all played nice. It’s what drew many people to the blockchain. Breaking away from their fortifications, their control.

Oh ever did we get it.

Crytpocurrency has now entered a feudal state, where new warlords are rising to dictate the future of the financial system. Satoshi Nakamoto created our world, then left us to fend for ourselves and in that void, it was only a matter of time before it would be filled. Though surely, no one expected it would be Elon Musk using Twitter (this is one of those cases where truth really is stranger than fiction). 

Bitcoin is still recovering from one Tweet, still down at least 5 % after the new found central figure declared his crypto path should be one where our new financial system should not be at the cost of the planet. A fact that we all knew, but now was brought forth to the world (again, via Twitter, which really makes one ponder how the world consumes their news).

Surprising to some, but was it really? We all knew the secret cost of the original gold rush and how much Bitcoin was consuming. This was the ticking time bomb we all had to face, now it was time to face it. The mining rush will eventually come to close, as it did with all materials on Earth.  So as we look to the stars for new resources, with rovers on Mars edging closer to finding signs of life other than our own, we now must sit and wait it out as once again, billionaires battle it out on Twitter.

Though this time, I hope the feudal lord stays on the good side of the people and does not go full Bond super villain,  



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