Why people are buying PRE tokens Before October 8 2021

By Frogger | Cryptofrog | 7 Oct 2021

Passive income by running a node!

Just got my Presearch node started yesterday.  I've rented a VPS to run the node, but it's also possible to run on your home pc, or even a raspberry pi.  If you're looking to start a node, and get rewards, you may want to act fast!  The nodes require 1,000 PRE tokens currently. This is soon changing to 2,000.  As noted in the Presearch node telegram, the cost of staking to start a node will increase on 10-8-21. 

Price explodes as users fuel their nodes.

The PRE tokens have seen increasing demand since this news became known.  Some users are purchasing nodes in batches of 20 or more!  I'm not an expert trader, but I did definitely benefit from running a PRE trading bot on Kucoin.  Grabbed about $30 in a short time due to the price bouncing higher and higher.  I'm wishing I bought more PRE sooner!  My next step is to get more PRE tokens for keyword staking and also bot trading.  Who knows when presearch might increase staking requirements again, and drive the demand for these tokens even higher.

Lock Em UP!

With the amount of PRE tokens locked up this currency could see some great value in the future.  As I said I'm not an expert trader, but from what I know about cryptocurrency, is TVL is important.  TVL (Total volume Locked) is definitely an important metric to consider when looking at a cryptocurrency you're thinking about investing in.  The more locked up tokens the better!  Do not underestimate this project.  Having 2 different reasons to stake these tokens is a big advantage in my opinion.  I already want to get 2,000 + more pre tokens for keyword staking and trading!  Who knows what these tokens might be worth in the future. 

Got referrals?

Join now if you haven't signed up yet.  Just click here to sign up, and start getting rewarded for your searches.  I have already accumulated over 200 referrals since I signed up for presearch.  Hopefully, some of the invited users will enjoy presearch, and I'll earn some free PRE (25 PRE tokens per user).  The referral program allows users to get 25 tokens for each user who meets the requirement of PRE earned by searching.

All pump no dump?

Will PRE tokens dump after October 8?  I'm not worried about the tokens going down in value after the nodes require 2,000 PRE.  Tokens may actually pump even more.  Demand for these tokens may continue to increase as users continue to buy tokens for staking Keywords, and creating more nodes.  If they don't pump, and they dump because some users gave up on setting up their nodes, then that'll just be a better time to buy more PRE!


Don't want your pre? 

If you don't want your pre I'll take that off your hands :D


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