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I stumbled upon krill over a year ago.  A friend invited me to this facebook group called krill.  Krill is available on the waves exchange.  It can be purchased with WAVES.  The experience has been an exciting journey.  I have enjoyed the atmosphere, and learning the benefits of using the waves exchange to accumulate cryptocurrency. It's been a lot of fun, so I wanted to share my experience with others.

What Is Krill ?

"Krill is a cryptocurrency and project made by Brian MacIntosh on the platform. Krill is made in Atlantic Canada, and inspired by the ocean. Krill was created to teach people about cryptocurrency and be used for bartering/trading amongst its users in its own unique, friendly environment and ecosystem." -Krill group guide by Brian MacIntosh

How do I get started with Krill?

"In order to get Krill, you will need a digital wallet to hold your Krill. That's were "waves" comes in. Waves is a digital exchange to buy/sell cryptocurrencies and also provides you a wallet to hold your different cryptocurrencies such as Krill. Go to and download the app for your phone or computer. Once set up you can send/receive Krill or some other crypto. (*IMPORTANT* ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU WRITE DOWN YOUR PASS PHRASES!!)" -guide by Creator Brian MacIntosh

VIP Members

VIP members are active in the community; we share our ideas, and success with our fellow members.  One of the biggest perks for VIP members is the monthly krill payouts.  Brian sends out 2,000 krill on a monthly basis to VIP members.  Aside from being an active member and participating in the group, there are other ways to earn more krill once you become a VIP member.  Krill is sometimes offered as a bonus reward for helping expand the community, or improving the overall user experience.  Helping expand the group by inviting friends, and creating graphics are just a couple of examples of ways VIP's have earned bonus krill.  Another exciting aspect of the group is getting annual payouts from group staking.  VIP's can contribute many different assets to the group staking.  Brian puts the funds into group staking on the waves platform, and shares the rewards amongst active VIP's at the end of the year.  Contributions not only increase the value of the group staking pot, they also earn you more krill payouts.  Brian sends out equivalent value in krill for all donations.


Expanding User Base and use of Krill

One of the most exciting things about the Krill community is how close knit we all are.  A lot of our members are invited by other users.  There's really a feeling of community in this group.  Many of our users make new friends.  We share Ideas, and actively recruit like-minded individuals. Learning about: staking waves, new waves exchange projects, earning methods, mining, trading, and other platforms.  We not only expand the group, but we also expand the groups collective knowledge.  When we put our heads together we learn more, we earn more, and we have a lot of fun.  As the group expands we are expanding the use of Krill.  We have introduced new features.  Some exciting new features like krill loans and staking.  The first NFT was released recently.


What can you offer to the group?  Even if you're new to cryptocurrency, you might have skills that would benefit the group.  Maybe you're an artist, web designer, or a musician. Maybe you have extra btc mining power.  Maybe you're a content creator, and have lots of friends who would be interested.  There are tons of possibilities here, and a lot of opportunity to help build this community, and meet some new friends who would benefit from your skills.  The cryptocurrency space is becoming more and more diverse.  There are more and more ways to use cryptocurrency for your benefit. 

Final Thoughts

Never before have I found such a great community in the cryptocurrency space.  This is a place that truly values every member.  It doesn't matter if you're a complete noob, or a vip trader.  We all learn together, and earn together.  It's very rare to find such a place that has such friendly members.  I'm still learning myself, and I've had the opportunity to grow, and share my knowledge with the group by making guides on Publish0x and sharing it with the Krill community. Intelligence isn't what you know It's your ability to learn.  If you are not scared to learn, or help others Krill might be for you.

We want you!  Even if you're just learning, we want you! Even if you think you know it all, we want you!   Need help running a node? We want you!  Want to help users get started with: mining, staking, node setup, helium mining, or have guides for people who need help?  We want you! Explore the possibilities of cryptocurrency. You might find that it's not as difficult as you thought.  Learn how to make cryptocurrency work for you.  I couldn't think of a better place to start, or a better place to continue than this group!  I love this group, It's truly a gem.  I haven't seen anything like this anywhere else.  Welcome to the best little cryptocurrency group on Facebook! I rate it 5 stars!  Please mention you saw this review on Publish0x when you join. Hurry in, membership is exclusive, and limited!

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