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Tatatu is a blockchain movie streaming site that rewards movie content creators and movie watchers with tatatu token . Movie creators can earn token when their shared content at tatatu platform are being watched by tatatu users. On the other hand, tatatu users are also rewarded by tatatu token when they are watching certain movies or other entertainment videos. The higher the quality of the video the users are watching the more tatatu token they earn.Currently, tatatu platform is allowing content creators to provide their movie video, series video, game sports videos as well as celebrities video to their platform.If you are a movie creator,an athlete as well as celebrity in several sectors, then this is the right platform for you to join to maximize on your content.Unlike netflix where they charge you in order to watch certain videos, at tatatu platform, it is free of charge to watch movies, certain sports like football league, celebrities videos and many more.On tatatu platform, there is also an e-commerce section where users can be able to use their earned tatatu tokens to buy anything from those e-commerce stores.Currently, tatatu token is listed on several exchanges including yobit and is available at coinmarket cap with a symbol TTU.When a user watches a movie, he or she is capable of making 12 tatatu token based on 100 minute watch. Currently, 1 tatatu is trading at $0.015 at coinmarket cap As a content creator in any of these sector, let us join the tatatu community and we build the platform .Use the link below  https://27fk.app.link/36LXB8TqCX          

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