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Owndata is a blockchain decentralised data network based on ethereum blockchain  for data sellers and buyers that enables websites owners ,app developers, content owners, dvertisers,publishers, data suppliers and many more to make money from their own data .This is done by the sophisticated tool provided by the owndata for sharing and managing the data with targeted platform.

At owndata, site owners or app owners have to sign up at the platform after which they will get a unique pixel code for each website they register at their account from the owndata platform.This unique pixel code will enable the collection of visitor's data.Therefore, everytime the website that has this unique pixel code is being used by other users, those data will be colleced using this pixel code and be recorded in terms of owndata token .The owndata token can then be converted to other cryptocurrencies such as ethereum. For advertisers, they will be able to make money from their data when their data reaches other users through email, social media sites,online advertising on search engines like google, banners ads on mobile and websites.On television netowrk advertisers will make money form their own data when their own data reaches the audience through their own sight,sound and movement as they try to demonstrate their product to those customers pursuading them to buy from them.In the near future, own data is planning to use data exchange in all platform that needs data to make sure data sellers are benefiting in terms of monetary value.  The own data token is abbreviated as OWN and is currently listed on coinmarket cap and coingecko and is trading at $0.000058 and has a market supply of 110,000,000,000 . owndata token is also trading at hotbit exchange. To join owndata and start making money from the data of your website, simply join using the link below; https://owndata.network/register?ref_code=CDUNNA0SVFZW

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