PSA: Don't Be Like This Person! How to Secure Your Crypto!

I'm keeping this post short as it's more of a public service announcement.

I recently came across a post on Reddit about how someone had lost 1.6 BTC. After learning about how the person had lost the BTC, I immediately knew that I had to write a post about it sharing what I had found.

I hope that by sharing what I came across will help prevent you from making the same mistake the original poster did.

Please ensure that you don't ever write out your private keys where those words are somehow connected to the internet, even if it's within your own e-mail address. If you do, you're just asking for trouble.

Private keys are meant to be kept in a safe place offline.

Do as you please but I just hope you don't end up like this person...

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Educating Canadians, and others, about crypto.


Educating Canadians, and others, about crypto.

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