Crypto domains now live on Opera!

By Cornflakes | Cryptoflakes | 30 Mar 2020

A new Partnership has been created


Today I came across a new sort of domains, namely the decentralized .crypto domains from the unstoppable browser

The twitter account Unstoppable domains came up with this tweet, where they announced the creation of this new partnership.

This is an amazing feature for the advancement of censorship-proof media because the decentralized web can reduce the reliance on a DNS. 

I personally didn't know about that much about blockchain-based domains. Thanks to this partnership me and many others will be exposed to this.

What are Blockchain domains?

Blockchain domains can't be found from the address bar. Most of them are based on the Zilliqa and Ethereum blockchain. The owner has his own private key. Therefore they can't be taken down as easily as a .com domain.

These domains can be registered with unstoppable domains, and other services such as  tthe ENS (Ethereum Name Service)

Want to learn more?

To learn more about this partnership visit this link


I am really happy about this partnerhip. This move is proof that Opera is very interested in the opportunities that the blockchain technology can bring to our lives. Blockchain domains can be the next logical step for many people fighting trying to avoid censorship. 

I would have expected Brave to come up with this partnership so this surprises me

Your Move Brave!



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