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Buy crypto with zero fees on Kucoin

Kucoin exchange | Buy crypto with zero fees

By crypto5o | CryptoFiveo | 24 Jul 2021

Limited time offer on Kucoin exchange, to buy crypto with zero fees using multiple payments methods. This offer comes in partnership with Banxa, a cryptocurrency payment company, which makes the cryptocurrency investments easier. Furthermore, users who buy and then trade crypto will have a chance to get a Kucoin 10% off coupon. Keep on reading my blog post and find out how to buy crypto on the Kucoin exchange with zero fees, payment methods, and what cryptocurrencies you can buy.

Also, Kucoin exchange is one of the most popular global cryptocurrency exchanges, where users can find multiple trading pairs and crypto coins to invest in, with low trading fees. If you are new to Kucoin, I have made a short review, and you can find it here.




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What cryptocurrencies you can buy?

Kucoin exchange supports many cryptocurrencies with a lot of growth potential, that is why it has a very cool motto, “Find the next crypto gem”. The Kucoin exchange is one of the most popular and big exchanges in global rankings, and it is continually upgrading.

On the Kucoin exchange users can buy crypto with multiple payment methods. For example, bank cards Visa or Mastercard, Apple Pay, Interac, SEPA, iDEAL, Faster Payment, or Sofort. And until August 4, 2021, if users choose to pay with Banxa, there will be zero fees on buying crypto.

Now, let’s see what cryptocurrencies users can buy with zero fees, using the above payments methods:

How to buy crypto on Kucoin with zero fees?

Note that the zero fees payment is only valid until August 4th, 2021, and only using the Banxa payment intermediary company. As well, all the above payment methods are available to purchase cryptocurrency on the Kucoin Exchange.

Note that every user who will buy cryptocurrency with Banxa will need to pass the KYC verification process. The process is pretty fast and the following are necessary to pass this KYC:

  • Email and phone number;
  • Personal details;
  • ID photo, which can be a passport, ID card, drivers license;
  • Selfie photo holding the ID photo;

Also, users will need to select the purpose of the transaction and to confirm that the funds originate from legal activities.

After all these are completed, the order will be processed pretty fast. In my case took under 10 minutes to receive my KCS – Kucoin Shares token. Also, I used the Mastercard payment method using Banxa, with zero fees. I didn’t buy a large amount, but it works.

Additionally, users who buy crypto with Banxa until August 4, 2021, and trade any trading pair on the Spot, Margin, or Futures markets, will get a Kucoin 10% off bonus coupon. But, this is limited to 1000 spots and it goes on first-come, first-served. Also, the users will need to fill out a Google form, which can be found here.




If you want to support my little crypto blog, use my KuCoin referral link, or KuCoin referral code to register, and find your next crypto gem.

KuCoin referral code: 1hJwNrN, or use this link to register

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Also, the source for this content is the Kucoin app and website.

How to buy crypto with zero fees on Kucoin blog post:

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