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FTO's - Fan Token Offerings | Two FTO's will take place at the beginning of May 2021

By crypto5o | CryptoFiveo | 4 May 2021

Legia Warsaw and Fortuna Sittard football clubs fans, and even the cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are seeking some profits, will have a chance to buy fan tokens in two fan token offerings, which will be held on the Socios app. The Legia Warsaw FTO will take place on May 4th, and the Fortuna Sittard FTO is planned to take place on May 5th. Keep on reading my post and find out more about the two Fan Token Offerings, and how to buy fan tokens.

If you want to learn more about the ecosystem, check out the Socios review on my blog. Moreover, there is a contest held by, with big prizes in the native token Chiliz. To enter is very easy, new users will just need to download the app, enter the username in the contest section on, and refer as many friends to benefit from additional contest entries. contest


What are FTO's - Fan token offerings?

All sports team that wants to partner with the platform, and release their own token, will hold an FTO, carried on the Socios app. To enter the FTO’s is very easy, the app users will just need to hold the CHZ – Chiliz token in their Socios portfolio, which is the payment currency for everything in the Socios ecosystem.

I consider the Socios Fan Token offerings – FTO’s as one of the best features on the platform. It can bring huge gains for app users. Just let us take for example the Barcelona Fan Token and Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token, which had an FTO price of 2 EUR, and at the time of writing my Socios review, both tokens hold at a price of around 33 EUR and 34 EUR.

There are two categories of FTO’s on the Socios app. Firstly, there is the regular one, in which the users can directly purchase fan tokens using their Chiliz- CHZ. This kind of FTO is for the teams that already are partners with Socios. The second FTO type is additionally called Locker, and this type of FTO is used for sports teams that didn’t yet partner with Socios. Users will lock an amount of Chiliz in the Locker, and if those specific teams partner with in the future, the users will receive fan tokens, depending on their amount locked. Also, if the team doesn’t partner with the platform, the users will receive back the Chiliz locked.

FTO's on app

Furthermore, on May 4th and on May 5th, 2021, there will be two Fan Token Offerings – FTO’s. More specifically, on May 4th there will be held the Legia Warsaw FTO, with their fan token with the ticker LEG. The fan token will have an initial price of 2 EUR equivalent to the Chiliz token. Also, on May 5th, there will be held the FTO for the Fortuna Sittard team, with their fan token with the ticker FOR, which will have an initial price of 1,5 EUR equivalent in Chiliz.

Not so much time to join the Legia Warsaw fan token offering, but the Socios ecosystem is continuously growing and there are held many FTO's.




Buy Chiliz in the Socios app

As I said, the Chiliz token is used as a payment currency in the ecosystem, and it can be bought very easily with bank cards, or Skrill.

Buy Chiliz on Socios app

Chiliz can also be bought and traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges. For example:

If the users prefer to buy Chiliz from other cryptocurrency exchanges, or already hold on to different wallets and exchanges, the tokens can easily be transferred on the Socios app.




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