Everipedia: Wiki Encyclopedia for Everyone
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Everipedia: Wiki Encyclopedia for Everyone

By CryptoFinally | CryptoFinally | 12 Aug 2020

Everipedia is an online wiki-based encyclopedia. It started operations at the end of 2014 with the site officially started January 2015. Everipedia has the goal to create an encyclopedia that has access to everything. It does not want to be a restrictive website like Wikipedia. This allows users to make pages with any topic they desire, as long as their content is neutral and cited. Everipedia makes use of blockchain tech with their August 9th, 2018 move to the EOS blockchain.

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Operations using Blockchain

At the ending of 2017, the firm made it public that it would move on to storing information and generating edits making use of EOS blockchain. Everipedia also made it known that a peer to peer wiki network was being built. This would add to an incentive system by using cryptocurrency tech to make editors feel encouraged with tokens of monetary value. This is what makes blockchain used for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin highly important in the running of this firm by its owners. Without it, the generation of edits and information storage would have been quite difficult.

Background of the Everipedia Company  

Starting up in December 2014, it started a little project for Theodor Forselius and Sam Kazemian in the dormitory room of Kazemian at the University of California, in Los Angeles. It continued in January 2015. Travis Moore joined the firm as a co-founder in the winter of 2015 and another Co-founder Mahbod Moghadam joined in July 2015.

Everipedia is operated and owned by Everipedia, Inc. A lot of its users enjoy the fact it is made from the portmanteau of both the encyclopedia and everything. It was formerly known as everyone’s encyclopedia.


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