Crypto on MTV - True Life Crime: The $5 Million Phone Hack
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Crypto on MTV - True Life Crime: The $5 Million Phone Hack

By CryptoFinally | CryptoFinally | 26 Mar 2020

MTV aired it's first ever episode surrounding cryptocurrency on the network. The episode took place in a new series called True Life Crime and covers a series of sim swap hacks targetting cryptocurrency wallets. Yes, MTV is talking about cryptocurrency. In a swing of good fate I was asked to appear within the episode, the $5 Million Phone Hack, and the network titled me "Crypto Expert" making me the first titled "Crypto Expert" ever to appear on the network. Yes big doozy.

You can watch the extended trailer here:

(I do appear in the trailer)

The full episode is available on here:

The episode will also appear in reruns live on the network, if you'd rather watch on television.

As the episode aired live on the network, I live streamed myself watching for the very first time, shining some light on the episode and providing behind the scenes information on the shoot for the episode.

You can watch my full MTV watch party live stream here:

Despite general transparency over the production of the MTV episode (I can provide the booking number on the hotel I stayed at in LA if it would help) - There was an extreme amount of backlash on Twitter about my appearance in the episode.

News BTC wrote an article covering the response from the crypto community on twitter:

"The crypto asset community seems to have lost its proverbial mind over a recent MTV show. During the episode of “True Life Crime”, producers of the show labelled a relatively new “influencer” to the industry a “crypto expert”. Despite the old saying being that there is no such thing as bad publicity, many crypto proponents seem frankly outraged at who the TV network chose to represent the industry." (News BTC)

Read the full NewsBTC article here:
Crypto to Get Massive Mainstream Exposure, Industry Surprisingly Salty

Bitcoin Street Journal also kept up with my interviews and livestreams on the topic, this is an interesting account of the MTV appearance with many statements I've made across channels.

Read the full article by Bitcoin Street Journal here:
MTV Airs Only The Negative Parts of Crypto YouTubers 'Ya Girl' Rachel Siegel's Bitcoin Analysis

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