Bitcoin for Everyday Audiences: Marketing Bitcoin to Common Consumers
Bitcoin for Common Consumers with CryptoFinally

Bitcoin for Everyday Audiences: Marketing Bitcoin to Common Consumers

By CryptoFinally | CryptoFinally | 11 Aug 2020

Bitcoin as we all know is not our usual fiat currency, it is a cryptocurrency which we have been pushing for global adoption of. Our industry goes through challenges to get public media and everyday audiences to know and understand bitcoin. To view it and look at it without always thinking about charts and the tech involved in the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

So how do you get bitcoin to be known and understood by the average person you might ask? We have found ways that would make you believe bitcoin and cryptocurrency are not so difficult to understand.

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Ways Common Consumers can get Involved in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

Social Media:

Using social to upload funny, innovative, real, and human-like posts about bitcoin and cryptocurrency would make an average person feel connected and more involved in cryptocurrency. Take for example Tik Tok and Instagram, if you make posts on Tik Tok, explaining what Bitcoin is about, it would easily captivate someone from the outer audience to come into the club and join the crypto world. It would not be as scary as it would be to explain bare charts and tech all the time.

Pop culture reference:

A lot of average people are heavily involved in pop culture. From songs to movies to series, a lot of people who were scared or not interested in cryptocurrency would become more involved in cryptocurrency if they hear of it in their favorite TV shows or if it is talked about in the lyrics of their favorite songs. Look at the case of when Katy Perry had a manicure with her nails showing different cryptocurrency. That didn't involve anything relating to the tech or how Bitcoin worked. But it got a lot of people buzzing and talking about the entire cryptocurrency world and Bitcoin. It would make average people more curious to know more about Bitcoin, because a lot of things happen when you are curious about them. 

It is so important to market to a common consumer audience when looking at global adoption, we must make this technology accessible for everyone. 


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