Bad Takes on Why Bitcoin is Pumping November 2020 - Crypto Week in Review
CryptoFinally and GirlGoneCrypto talk DCA

Bad Takes on Why Bitcoin is Pumping November 2020 - Crypto Week in Review

By CryptoFinally | CryptoFinally | 8 Nov 2020

Why is Bitcoin at 15k?


This week CryptoFinally and GirlGoneCrypto take a few minutes to discuss the latest price action surrounding Bitcoin and why it has surged above 15K. They have some hot takes about the factors that have influenced its price the most like crypto adoption by PayPal and the US Elections.

Charles Schwab knows how to make money, but is Charles Schwab Slices the future for investing? The ladies will let you know what they think about this fractional stock investing option, and some of the benefits it may bring to the crypto community. 

Have a laugh, hang out, and get some knowledge dropped on you about some of the latest happenings inside of the Bitcoin community. 

Watch the full stream right here on Youtube  

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