Two Eth-based currencies with great potential

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 18 Feb 2020

The best cryptocurrencies of the moment based on Ethereum


There is also Ethereum among the best cryptocurrencies of February.

Thanks to the driving force of Bitcoin, Ethereum, the second cryptocurrency by capitalization level, has also managed to record a very marked rise.

While the post is being written, the ETH / USD exchange rate has settled in the $ 250 area, well above the values of early January.


Beyond the short-term trend of ETH, Ethereum remains a very interesting cryptocurrency especially in light of what could be future developments.
This means that ETH has the credentials to attract capital and therefore ETHUSD has all the space to grow further.

Among the main drivers of Ethereum are the arrival of ETH2 and the presence of a large development community understood as added value.

Next to these drivers there are also elements to support Ethereum's usefulness as a reserve of useful value as a guarantee in the creation of stablecoins, a means of exchange and a passive profitability tool for securing the network thanks to staking (this new ETH utility arises from the arrival of PoS).

Ethereum based cryptocurrencies which are:

Today, some cryptocurrencies are based on ethereum which seems to be definitely in shape. Here are the best ETH-based cryptocurrencies according to analysts.

Kyber network (KNC): very useful in the world of DeFi, Kyber can be a tool able to activate interoperability between platforms quickly. Among the strengths of Kyber's KNC token are: the economic facilities and the presence of commissions paid in tokens; DAO-style protocol governance.
Hubii Network - HBT: this is a second level scaling protocol based on Ethereum. After a difficult start, a few months ago Microsoft opened the project and then integrated Nahmii into its Microsoft Azure DLT. Nobody hides that the project is complex but HBT have the possibility of receiving the NII airDrops or second generation tokens that are the basis of the operation of Nahimii.


Aave (LEND): born as ETHLend, the Aave protocol is able to create a constant flow loan line with the application of a percentage of iteresse that varies depending on the amount of liquidity present on the platform. Structurally, the LEND tokens are similar to those of MakerDAO and will perform a fundamental function in the decision-making process. It is plausible that with the landing of the pool factories on Aave, a new chapter for loans can be opened in the world of DeFi. LEND tokens could play a crucial role in this context.

In short, as you can see from these examples there are many reasons why Ethereum could benefit from strong visibility also in the future.



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