The price of bitcoin SV is skyrocketing, Craig Wright manipulates the market and the circulation of false news closes the circle
The price of bitcoin SV is skyrocketing, Craig Wright manipulates the market and the circulation of false news closes the circle

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 18 Jan 2020

If there is a character that the cryptocurrency community deeply hates, this is Craig Wright; it must be said that the Australian entrepreneur does nothing to avoid it, indeed, as soon as he can he seems to be actively engaged in being hated even more.

Despite the endless evidence provided in recent years regarding the fact that it is less credible than a $ 4 banknote willing to believe him around, there are still many, let's say too many, as evidenced by the powerful pump of the bitcoin SV price that took place yesterday.

We try to go in order, however, and we also make the point for all those who have not followed the story since its inception; let's start by saying that Bitcoin SV is a fork born from Bitcoin Cash, which in turn was the first hard fork of BTC.

While BCH was born just under the push of Craig Wright and Roger Ver, based on the belief that the only way to solve the problem of scalability of BTC in accordance with Satoshi's original vision was to increase the block size, BSV it was born from the subsequent breakdown between Roger Ver and Craig Wright.

The same Australian entrepreneur, ridiculed by the community for his claim to pretend to be the real Satoshi, is involved in a lawsuit (filed against him by the David Kleiman family who today asks him for a millionaire compensation) during which, demonstrating idiocy to the limits of the incredible, Wright had even gone so far as to provide blatantly false documents; as demonstrated by the lawyer of the Kleiman family, in fact, Wright would have presented in the classroom documents that reported a date earlier than that of the creation of the font with which they were written.

 Impossible, therefore, that those documents are original, unless we assume that in addition to being the real Satoshi Wright he also owns a time machine.

At this point anyone with a shred of brain would understand that trusting such a person is one of the stupidest things you can do, however, apparently, brainless people around the world are galore.

Yes, because Wraight himself, always during the Kleiman case, appeared in court claiming to have the private keys to unlock something like 9 billion dollars in bitcoin, a pity that, as emerged shortly thereafter, in reality those presented in in the classroom are only the addresses of the wallets on which those coins are kept, the private keys necessary to unlock them have never been in Wright's possession.

As all this began to circulate online, the publication of a Whale Alert tweet made the community believe that Wright had moved those addresses by unlocking the beauty of BTC's 1MLN, just as news spread about what was happening in court.

The damage, at that point, was beautiful and done, it was enough to push the BSV price a little because many were convinced that that 1mln of bitcoin would be used shortly thereafter to buy BSV and that's why the price of the coin has gone, in a few hours, from $ 150 to almost $ 450; looking at the graph you can see how a long phase of accumulation started already around the middle of December (I let you imagine by whom), bringing the BSV price from a minimum of $ 75 to a maximum of $ 175.

At this point, the killer move that first saw Wright declare in court that he had 1mln of BTC and then, by tight mail, Whale's tweet Alert; very soon, however, the communication from Paolo Ardoino (CTO of bitfinex) arrived that that 1m transaction of bitcoin was nothing more than a transfer of funds made by the exchange in the context of the usual management of its hot wallets and, as you can imagine, BSV's price started to collapse, plummeting to below $ 300.

Roberto D.
Roberto D.

Born in Italy, I live in Italy, passionate about cryptocurrencies since I discovered ethereum in 2015


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