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The bitcoin emoji lands on twitter, does it matter?

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 7 Feb 2020

Bitcoin has been on trend for a while on twitter; I struggled to understand why but in the end I got it, the reason was that Jack Dorsey (creator of twitter) announced that users will be able to use the Bitcoin emoji on the platform and beyond, given that the new symbol has been implemented with the unicode standard.

Currently, however, the bitcoin symbol has not yet been presented at the General Interchange (RGI), which means that the emoji launched by Dorsey will not necessarily be supported on the main Internet platforms, such as Facebook and the like.

The community reacted with enormous enthusiasm to the news and this allowed me to realize that this indicates how popular bitcoin has become over the past four or five years.

Of course, an emoji is not enough to stimulate mass adoption, but the fact that it has been launched clearly demonstrates that BTC is not only widespread globally and is also known by people who until recently had not even heard of it talk, but it also shows that bitcoin is here to stay.


What happened, in other words, is that this coin has now built so much confidence around itself that it simply enjoys a hard core so strong that it is simply unthinkable that it can disappear from the scenes overnight. Another detail to take into due consideration is that more and more people are joining that hard core, both among small investors and among large institutional investors.

In a historical moment in which lenders to deposit money with central banks not only no longer receive any interest but even have to pay a cost, it seems completely obvious that lenders are the first to have an interest in the success of bitcoin.

A paradox was therefore created whereby banks are closely linked to the technology that already appears destined to wipe them out today; if bitcoin were to fail, this would mean that banks lose a fundamental strategic tool to protect their capital, while if bitcoin were to succeed, banks will inevitably end up losing control over depositor deposits.

Therefore, lenders have nothing left to do but choose which death they prefer to die from.



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Roberto D.
Roberto D.

Born, and still living, in Italy. Passionate about cryptocurrencies since I discovered ethereum in 2016


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