Rollercoin - the best free BTC faucet

Rollercoin - the best free BTC faucet

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 7 Jul 2019

RollerCoin is a free bitcoin simulation game. the game will distribute bitcoins in proportion to the help given by the miners for each mined block, just like with the real Bitcoin mining.

Build your mining data center, make updates and changes to increase your mining power and compete with friends. Register, log in, customize your character and you're ready. 

To start earning money through this virtual bitcoin mining, you must first register using your email address or your Facebook account.



Customize your character

Create a character.

To get your first Satoshi press the "Get power" button in this way you will enter the screen of the various games made available by the platform.


After pressing the button you will be transported to a second page where you have to choose one of the mini-games to get mining power, once the mini-game is completed you will get the mining power to extract your first satoshi.

When does mining power last?
The power you gain in each mini-game lasts for 72 hours and then expires.

How to buy mining power?

Press the STORE button.

After pressing the button you can choose different types of miners to have power forever.


Reapply in a few points:

2. Create the avatar
3. Play and earn!
4. If you want you can go to the store and buy "gpu" to secure a fixed gain


The article is based on another article linked in the sources, it was not copied but I was inspired by it (the link to the original article is in the sources)

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