Opera Touch, crypto wallet also on iOS

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 27 Jun 2019

Like the Android and desktop versions, Opera Touch for iOS also includes a digital wallet to store Ethereum cryptocurrencies.

The Norwegian software house has released Opera Touch 1.9 for iOS. This browser version integrates a digital wallet for cryptocurrencies and allows the use of distributed applications based on the Ethereum blockchain. The functionality is already available on Android from December 2018 and on desktops (Windows, macOS and Linux) from April 2019.

Opera Touch has an interface different from the standard version. The browser received the Red Dot Design Award and Gold IF Design Award for its innovative design that allows all operations to be performed with one hand. The Fast Action Button, located at the bottom of the screen, allows you to search and easily access the open tabs. The virtual keyboard is shown immediately when the browser is started, speeding up the insertion of the search terms. The browser offers an anonymous browsing mode and integrates an ad-blocker.

The novelty of the 1.9 version is the Crypto Wallet. Users can buy Ethereum and store digital currency within the browser. Cryptocurrencies can be used to perform online transactions in absolute security, as the cryptographic keys remain on the device. It is also possible to use decentralized applications (dApps) that exploit the Ethereum blockchain.

Cryptocurrencies, blockchains and dApps are part of the so-called Web 3. Opera Touch was developed specifically to simplify access to these modern technologies. For the occasion, a partnership was signed with Marble.Cards, a dApps that allows you to transform each web page into unique cards to exchange or sell using the Ethereum blockchain. Opera Touch for iOS can be downloaded from the Apple store.


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Roberto D.

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