Discussion for a blockchain voting platform in Virginia is underway

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 8 Jan 2020

The general assembly of Virginia will discuss, tomorrow, a proposal aimed at studying the application of blockchain technology in voting processes; the proposal, made last December 27 by Hala Ayala (state delegate and cyber security specialist), will have to face a long procedure before it can become law, if however, at the end of the whole process, Virginia should decide to start an experiment for a blockchain voting platform, this could radically change electoral processes in a state where more than 8 million people live.

Soon the ball will go to the department that deals with managing the electoral processes, which will have to determine if the costs and benefits of using blockchain technology exceed those of the traditional security measures normally used to manage electoral disputes and possibly make recommendations on how to implement the new technology.

Voting tests on the blockchain platform have already been successfully performed in West Virginia and Colorado, as well as in the city of Denver and Utah county.


It therefore seems that the desire to experiment with blockchain technology in the voting processes is rapidly spreading in the USA, with all due respect to those who claim that it is an insecure medium; we also remember that during one of the tests there was also an unsuccessful attack attempt which, clearly, was promptly noticed. In that circumstance those in duty have done nothing but make sure that the vote was regular, then the ball is passed to the FBI which opened the investigation to trace the perpetrators (although the most common hypothesis is that it was students of computer science who only intended to test the solidity of the platform).

Even though voting through blockchain platforms is still heavily opposed, not only in the USA but a bit all over the world are underway, several experiments to implement this technology in electoral processes; in some cases, such as happened in Moscow, it immediately emerged that the platform was inadequate in terms of security (in the specific case due to a too old hashing algorithm), but in many other cases, however, the tests gave excellent results.

However, it will still take several years before a state can evaluate the possibility of a complete transition of electoral processes on a blockchain platform, however this is now inevitable given the benefits, in terms of costs, that this entails and the excellent security standards that this technology is normally capable of offering.

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Roberto D.
Roberto D.

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