Super Apps to earn Free BCH and LTC

By Antholpz | cryptoFanaticos | 9 Jan 2021

Good morning people, on this day I bring you to share these great apps with which you can get BCH and LTC easily and simply.

These apps consist of Lotteries that are enabled every hour, they consist of a table with different amounts that we can obtain from Cryptocurrencies, we have two free spins that are updated every hour, we also have additional spins that we can obtain through videos that can get to last a maximum of 30 seconds, when we use our spins you will notice that the amounts we win turn green, of these we can only select one per hour, we select it by touching them on the grid, obviously we will choose the highest amount of what we win In this table we have a smaller table at the top, it is a special bonus that we can win in our spins if your luck allows it, by landing on the corresponding symbol of the cryptocurrency.

We also have bonuses at the beginning of the App in which we obtain additional Cryptocurrencies through the reproduction of advertising videos (maximum duration of 30 seconds per video), this bonus can be used a couple of times, then it will also have a counter that is enabled from time to time.

In addition to winning, we have the option to download an app to test games or different themes, in which we can win Cryptocurrencies, playing you will notice how your Counter increases, you also activate a special bonus in this section that is enabled every 24 hours.

We also have the referral option with which you can earn an additional 10%.

Payments are simple, the wallet to use is optional, the only thing that the App asks us is that we confirm our withdrawal address through an E-mail, as I always recommend the FaucetPay wallet.

To make our minimum withdrawal is:

BCH: 0.00010000

LTC: 0.00020000

Once you have selected the withdrawal, the App will tell you the date on which you will obtain the selected payment, in my case select my new Payments on January the 8th and I will have them in my account on January the 12th, when I have them in My account will update this publication, in the meantime I leave you a screenshot of my previous payments with these apps. To clarify, these Payments were obtained without referrals, so they are easy to obtain, the profit they obtain depends on each one, they have many easy methods to do it.






I leave you my Links, Successes for all. Links:




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In the next blog I am going to show you a simple and easy way, and even automatic so that you can earn different cryptocurrencies, you can also find simple apps in which you can earn cryptocurrencies in seconds, such as new Cryptocurrencies that are in the testing phase, but can get tokens in the future that could have a lot of monetary value.

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