Sleeping Giant or next FUD?

By Razerface | CryptoFace | 31 Aug 2020


 Tellor(TRB),  is it a sleeping Giant FOMO or is it going to FUD and sizzle and break more hearts?  Well to get to the root and quick answer let's take a look at this chart. 

Difference of Team Holders in projects Image c/o @MagnusVollen


As you can see, Tellor is more for the people to hold and obtain then other high hyped up projects this summer like Chainlink(LINK).  As most of us know this summer  has seen spikes with people who had bought in low, and people who got hyped and FOMO bought in at the top or LINK and lost in the dip.

There has been many rumors of Chainlink being a scam, but clearly it is not, and there has been great support for the token and I think when people learn more of Tellor and how it has already past the 50 USD mark($71.45 Tellor Price listing at the time) some market followers are calling for $500 - $1000 USD by end of September. In this space anything is possible with a new high reaching almost 38k USD YFI 2 days ago for 1 coin!

Amount of Value built up so far with no screen clip  2020-08-30 11:23 pm GMT


With the DeFi coins YFI and YFII going crazy right now and uniswap these coins are just blowing up right now, coins like this are very easy accessible.  Recently Listed Tellor, and many people in the crypto Community have started to buzz more about low entry coins before they moon and people get to FOMO at super high rates.  I know for my self as an example I wanted in on YFII 2 days ago as it was rocketing to the moon but I held back due to the high ETH gas prices(see below).  Essentially right now due to the mass trading swapping and new coins coming in to the ERC20 and many others who use ETH, some of the contracts will suffer for a moment while Swaps shine.

Gas Price example on a 1 eth transaction in Meta-mask Wallet

Will we see new highs or will we retrace to see new lows?  We will need to wait and see like always, as for me I am not a financial adviser I just have a high interest in new crypto and wanted to share this with everyone.

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